Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Aberfoyle Antique Market

I can't believe I haven't heard of Aberfoyle Antique Market until a few months ago and a few weeks ago, we decided to head over. It's located at Guelph which is around 1 hour drive from Toronto and it runs every Sunday until October 30 from 8am to 4pm with over 100 dealers. There's a pleasant mix of permanent and makeshift stalls with an extremely laid-back and friendly vibe. For $2 admission fee, it's the perfect day trip away from the city and you never know what treasure you may find.

Love this metal bucket, it would just be perfect for a backyard BBQ fill with ice and beer (^_^)

 The doll was a bit creepy, just not sure who would want to bring this home.

I just ♥ vintage suitcases.

Wanted to find some old skeleton keys for necklaces but didn't find any.... only saw these big ones

These would just make perfect coffee table.

mini stove

These old window frames would be perfect repainted and hang as an artwork/decoration

Love old mason jars with glass lids 

Ben was suddenly interested in old camera, bought one here the day before and another one at Aberfoyle Antique Market

Our friend bought this to use as prop in his next photo shoot. 

And here's my buy.

A necklace (sewing scissor holder) and a bracelet

An old coffee carafe that'll be perfect for my summer coktails =P

Please remember to wear sunscreen and stay hydrated since all stalls are mainly outdoor.
Cash only so remember to bring some cash with you if you plan to make some purchase although an ATM machine is available on site.


  1. omgsh they sell camera lenses?? too bad its so far away :(

  2. it's old lenses for manual cameras only thou... Ben bought 2 of the old manual that's twice our age and it's rather difficult to use =P

  3. yea i've been wanting to buy a micro four thirds camera and they can all use old camera lenses now. would have gotten one already if it wasn't sold out last wkend :I

  4. Oh really, I didn't know you can use these old style... right now the Sony’s NEX-C3 is on my wishlist =P

  5. it'll prob be able to do it too if it uses same lenses system as nex3 and nex5 you just need to buy the correct adapter for the camera body and lens.