Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hot Taste Restaurant

Ben decided to have his Birthday dinner with his family at Hot Taste since he read some great Chinese reviews online. I have already declare my love for super spicy food back here, so this is right up my alley. But that night we try to order half and half of spicy and non-spicy dishes since his mum can't handle spicy so I swear to come back with my "spicy friends" to try out more dishes =P

They only open for Dinner at 4:30pm each day but close at 5:00am 7 days a week, so if you live in the Richmond Hill area and have a late night spicy food craving, that's your place (^_^)

Stewed Spicy Duck
The more it stewed in the pot, the spicier it gets. ♥♥♥ this, my fave dish of the night. At a lot of places, they give you a large pot with plenty of liquid but with barely any duck in it but it was quite a huge portion here although only served in a tiny wok.

Nothing more refreshing after a bite of spicy duck =P
Tsing Tao, a Chinese beer that pairs perfectly with spicy Szechuan food.
Note: nothing calms your flaming palette (aka tongue) better than MILK (^_^)

Cumin Mutton
There offer the choice of small and large size for most of their dishes and we order all our in small when there was a choice but their small a quite huge portion already.
This wasn't spicy but cook perfectly with very good "wok hay" 鑊氣 (breath of the wok)
It was super flavorful and moist

Fried Fish 
~ didn't try that, not my kind of dish case hate fishy taste

Fried Chicken w/ Walnut
This is one of their signature dishes and highly recommended online.
This chicken was super crispy nad pack with flavor but I thought the walnuts was a bit rancid.

Boiled Slice Fish in Chili Oil
We order the small size once again but the portion was huge, a lot bigger than many other places.
Spicy, oily, super moist fish... perfectly made

Pickled Veggies and Pork Belly Soup
This is a sour type of soup served on flame to keep it pipping hot which is very refreshing after all the spicy food and a great palette cleanser. Perfect ending (^_^)

Verdict :
Only place where both spicy and non-spicy food are equally well made
Will have to come back and try more dishes especially the Spicy Beer Duck Hot Pot.

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  1. Oh my goodness, look at all those chilis in some of the dishes! I think the fried chicken with walnut looks the tastiest :D

  2. The stewed spicy duck looks very appealing to me. Maybe i need to bring a carton of milk with me when i go hahaha

  3. yup... very good, after a few times enduring the heat, you'll ♥ spicy food =P

  4. omg so this is where u wanna go?? everything looks so yummy but dunno if i can handle the heat lol im scared now

  5. that's Ok gurls, I'll bring Milk for everyone =P LOL