Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Have been meaning to go to Cava since beginning of the year but since it's a tapas style restaurant, I wanted to go with a few more friends since I won't be able to try much dish if it was just the  of us. For several occasion, I tried to make a reservation but it was always full even if it was more than  weeks in advance =( So when I know my Dad will be here, I thought it would be nice to bring him here to try out together and I make my reservation one month in advance for a Wednesday and it was completely packed =P

Hanging Meat is always good =D

Chipotle-Caramel Popcorn
Love the stand and cone (^v^) and there's actually a hole on the table to hold the stand and there was only one hole... what if I order more than one portion cause fries are serve this way too.
Great to munch on while waiting for the other dishes, love the spicy undertone of the sweet caramel.

 CAVA Charcuteria
 The pate was very smooth but not overly creamy but the other three was really average, nothing special... the 2 on the left taste and look like something you can grab at the supermarket =P

super spicy pickled chili =D

SUPERGILDA (anchovies, olives and sardines) 
Pincho of Gamay-Poached Foie Gras w/ Pomegranate Onions
These 2 bruschetta was probably my fave of the night. These small pieces are pack with flavor and pair perfectly with all the ingredients. The purple outside of the foie gras was so pretty pair with the purple onions and it tasted as good as it looks.. super smooth creamy dense foie gras goodness.
If you hates anchovies and sardines, I bet you'll start loving this =P Super good and I can't believe I'm going to say that but I can't decide which one is better.. I would normally choose foie gras in a heartbeat but here, both of them was so good... I can't choose, I'll have to have both of them =P

Smoked Kingfish Ceviche w/ a frisee salad
This was light, fresh, lightly seasoned and done just the right way 
(a lot of places have theirs stay in the citrus marinate for too long)

Eggplant w/ Queso Fresco, tomatillo sauce and Bonito Flakes
Queso Fresco is just a fresh soft cheese that you can see at the bottom. 
This is a rather fusion dish with the Bonito Flake, it tasted and look Japanese. The eggplant was cooked perfectly with very crispy outside with super moist, soft and flavorful inside which goes perfectly with the soft cheese and tomatillo sauce.

48 hour Beef Cheek w/ white puree and chimichurri
It tasted rather bland but I love the chimichurri =P

Cauliflower and Kabocha Squash Tagine w/ Medjool Dates and Spanish Saffron
This arrived piping hot and the flaky toppings (I think it's panko crumbs) was a great contrasting texture against the soft cauliflower and squash. We couldn't find the dates but it must be incorporated in since we could definitely taste it. Overall this is a rather sweet, packed with distinct flavors of each elements, a rather delicate dish with just enough of oil throughout to moisten.

Veal Sweetbreads w/ Radicchio-Poblanco Chile Salad & Walnut Vinaigrette
It was rather tough compare to the sweetbread I had in other place like the one from here.
But the Salad underneath was delicious.
(In case you didn't know, veal sweetbread can be either from the thymus gland or pancreas)

 Roasted Quail filled w/ Chicken - Pozole Rojo
This was surprisingly moist and delicious, no bone is a plus together with the yummy sauce

Chocolate and Cheese Pairing for dessert
How could I resist 2 of my favorite food group pair together (^_^) It's my first time trying this combination and the strong blue cheese goes perfectly with the dark chocolate.

This was ok, nothing spectacular and really not as good as the one here

Complimentary Chocolate at the end and it was extra yummy which make me think I'll def have to come back to XOCOCAVA next door which is a chocolate/ice cream shop

Verdict :
Great wine list, great service, great food & sweets
Make sure to make reservation since if rather small and always pack
I will definitely come back, maybe with more friends to try out more dishes

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  1. ahhhhh been wanting to try this place for a while

    everything looks so good man this is a bad idea to be reading ur blog so early in the morning and i didnt even eat yet either food tease;(

  2. LOL! you have to try this place, a bit pricy but def worth it =D

  3. I think Cava is definitely one of the best, if not the best, tapas place in Toronto =)

  4. looks soo good!!

  5. @yummy : Tanks for is yummy, highly recommended =D