Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Drake Hotel (Summerlcious #4)

Have been meaning to visit Drake Hotel for a while but haven`t had the chance and I decided to do for Lunch during Summerlicious this year. This is my only Lunch and also the last Summerlicious destination and at $20, I`m not having very high expectation after my first 3 horrible experience here, here and here.

Love the bright room and the casual relax vibe

♥ all the random table and chair

The sofa and painting look like it`s been here since the 60`s, just love it.

Cesar and Mill St. Lemon Tea Beer which is the best summer beer ever, slightly sweet and super refreshing

Sweet Tomato + Alphabet Noodle Soup w/ basil oil
I didn't expect the soup to be that creamy and thick, so thick that we can't see the actual alphabet noodle. 
Although it tasted super delish, I was disappointed that I didn't get to play with the alphabets =(

Shrimp Louis
~ Matan shrimp, Russian dressing, hard cook egg, avocado, greens + cherry tomato
This doesn't look good at all but it actually tasted ok, it was creamy but rather light and refreshing for a hot summer day like this.

Eggplant Parm
~ grilled eggplant, stewed tomato, fresh mozzarella + chili
I find it lacking a bit of salt but overall this was very comforting.

Buttermilk Fried Chicken
~ wildflower honey, Ezell's sweet slaw + mash
I don't think this was made fresh since it wasn't crispy at all, the skin was sort of mushy. The mash was surprisingly good and probably the best tasting thing on the plate. 
Really not comparable to the one I had here and here.

Passion Flakie
It was light, flacky filled with cold cream and not too sweet jam

Salted Butterscotch Pudding
This was definitely my fave dish of the day =P 
Although this was served cold and not my usual warm ooyee gooyee dessert, I love it since it was not overly sweet with just the right texture and a well balance of the sweet and salty. Def not your Jell-O pudding and ♥ the presentation in the mini mason jar =P

I was liking the jar clean =P

Order another drink, the White Sangria 
but didn't really like it since it was a bit too tart and sour, not fruity enough.

Verdict :
I thought it was totally worth the $20 for our Summerlicious Lunch menu
Great Friendly service and atmosphere.
Would love to come back for the rooftop patio and maybe try their Burger as well

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  1. I love the decor at Drake :) Makes up for the inconsistencies there sometimes~ Yup u should definitely go back and have their regular menu and let me know what u think! ^^

  2. i wanted to go here to try their chicken & waffles as well as their scones for brunch hmmm maybe not anytime soon now