Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Aroma Espresso Bar

After our Gelato here, we went next door to get our daily caffeine fix at Aroma Espresso Bar instead of grabbing our usual Starbucks.

Ben had a Americano (top photo) and the size was huge.

I had my usual Latte and although the latte art is not too pretty, it actually was not that bad tasting but definitely not as good as Dark Horse or Manic (my 2 fave coffee shop) but I would say it's better than my usual Starbucks =P
And btw, the chocolate was extremely sweet and melting on the side of the hot cup of coffee. Maybe if I choose a stronger coffee it would be great to drop it in =P

 Cheese Bureka
Shared this since it was huge. It was served warm and filled with plenty of cheese

Verdict :
I would def come back for coffee and maybe to try their Ice Lemon Mint tea =P

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  1. I've actually never been here before, although they have several locations. I like Dark Horse & Te Aro :)

  2. It's not comparable to places like Dark Horse... but not bad compare to Starbucks =P

    I've never been to Te Aro, will have to try =D