Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What I wore for CNE (^v^)

What you wear when you plan to eat all of this?!?
First off, something loose and it didn't help that it was super windy that day.
Secondly is a comfy walking shoes (I never understand how gurls can wear heels to places like that)
So nothing fancy for a day of  DF overdose and fun at CNE 2011

My arm candy

Some exercise after all the food =P
This is probably my favorite game =D

 The only thing we won... he won =(

Outfit Details: 
T-shirt - F21; Shoes - Converse; Bracelets -  F21, ASOS & Juicy Couture;  Handbag - Coach Outlet


  1. Wow, nice top! The back is so sexy, haha. You pulled it off though. I wore a loose dress to CNE last week.. can you imagine? Me wearing a dress? That only happens once in a blue moon, haha.