Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sugar Sweet Cafe 八帶魚

Time for a "cha chang tang" (茶餐廳) post, Sugar Sweet Cafe 八帶魚 is located on Steeles and Ashcott (between Midland and Brimley, across from Day & Night) and their price are relatively cheap with huge portion compare to the other similar places in the area.

Beef Brisket and Tendon Noodle (ho fun = rice pappardelle) 牛腩牛腱河粉
Huge pieces of briskets and tendons which was super flavorful and tender/soft, served pipping hot. You can't ask for a better tasting noodle for $4.50 =D

a plus is they have very spicy tasty Chinese chili oil 辣椒油

Bitter Melon w/ Pork Neck 苦瓜猪颈肉饭
Bitter melon is one of the fodd that I come to love with age, I still remember hating it a few years ago.
Here, the bitter melon was cook perfectly (most places cook it too short or too long) and the pork neck meat was crisp and al dente (can you say that for meat?!?) with a light black bean sauce.

Satay Beef Noodle (ho fun) 沙爹牛肉
The beef was super moist and soft (probably thanks to meat tenderizers which is pretty standard for most Chinese places ) as it should be and with extra sauce to cover every single noodle

Verdict :
Highly recommended for extra cheap yummy "cha chang tang" (茶餐廳) fare.

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  1. I must visit this place. I'm craving some "hor fun" right now w/ that brisket action...$4.50! What a steal =) Great recommendation~

  2. Their baked rice looks good too, I'll have to go back to try =D

  3. def gotta try this place great post and pix are making me drooool as usual not good when im hungry rite now

  4. same here when I read your blog and it always happen when I'm super hungry =p