Monday, August 29, 2011

DF overdose at CNE

Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) or the Ex opened last weekend meaning that summer is coming to an end =(

Last year I got free tickets from a friend and venture in to have a try of the much buzz about Deep Fried (DF)Butter and this year, once again I venture in for the much hype about Krispy Kreme Burger. But instead of just the 2 of us, there was 6 of us which means we got to share most things and try more =P

1st Stop : Epic Burgers & Waffles
I was surprise that there wasn't an long line up, the staff was really quick and efficient

I was here for the much hyped about Donut Burger at a whooping 1500 calories. Although I was tempted to try the Behemoth, I held myself back since I want to have the one from Burger Priest called The Vatican which I bet will be much tastier =P

Me and my friends just bust our camera in the counter to take picture of it before it's wrap and squish (^_^)
We added Bacon for an extra $1 and it was the best decision since the salty crispy bacon contrasted perfectly with the sweet fluffy donuts. I was also surprise at how most and rather meaty the actual patty was, at least it sort of worth the $8. What a coincidence that it was next to Tim Horton's and we bought one (I need my daily dose of coffee) and first time ever that coffee pair perfectly together with Burger =P 1st bit was horrible, 2nd bit tasted strange and by the 3rd and 4th bite, it sort of tasted good.
I'll have to say that I can't say I love it but it's a lot better than I have ever expected but you won't see me eating it anytime soon (^v^)

2nd Stop : Mac & Cheesery

I had the DF Mac "N" Cheese last year and it was rather dry, tasteless and not cheesy enough.
Here's a picture form last year below and we ate ours with plenty of ketchup =P

So this time we had the DF Mac "N" Curds
I was better than the huge Mac "n" Cheese, the tiny single pieces of macaroni had a chewy texture whereas the curds was just gooyee cheese =D

3rd Stop : Campfire Grill
They had huge pickles which you can buy as is or DF =P

And of course I got the DF just to stick with the theme of the day and who want a boring pickle when you can have a Battered DF Pickle. LOL ! =P

It was fried to order and served pipping hot. Warning : Be Careful as you bite into it, juices will be dripping all over... co JUICY, yummmmmmm (>_,<)
And I was surprise at how well it actually goes with the dipping sauce
After listening to my complain here about the "non-existent" locations in Toronto, of course I have to grab the occasion and get one here at CNE.

Instead of having my usual Chocolate and Banana, we decided to get their Healthy Menu Item Killaloe Sunrise. I know, how can it be healthy when it's DF ?!?

Cinnamon, Sugar & Lemon
After our sweet and salty combo with the donut burger, here's a sweet and sour combo.
I actually love it and it may be my new favorite, love the refreshing lemon taste with the sweet cinnamon sugar. I would recommend trying this if you decided to have a beavertail next time

 Most of the food at CNE is rather expensive just as most of the other fair but there's a few vendors here and there who have cheaper choices. Here's two of them that I spotted.

OK I was on a DF quest so it wasn't me who bought this hotdog. One of my friend, a guy that is, refuse to have any of the DF food that we are having and decided to get one of this. It look so boring and blend (>___<)


After the Food Building, we finally decided to venture outside

Since I had the DF Mars bar last year, I decided to have the DF Oreo Cookies this time =D

DF Oreo
It was made to order and piping hot, so so that I couldn't pick it up right away =P
This yummy, a thin light batter with the hot cookies which was warm up that it turn into a cake like texture.  ♥ this one
No I didn't eat all 3 of them, it's share between the 6 of us = I had only half

And we have to all agree that it have a Hong-Kong Egg Puff 雞蛋仔 feel to it =P

 My DF Mars bar from last year. It way ooyee gooyee ♥

A must for me at all the fairs, Lemonade 

Good old fashion Ice Cream Waffles

My non-DF friend was the only one who have room left for this.
I had a bite and the waffle was warm and fluffy, a lot lighter that I expected.

This actually sells really well, we were there for a few minutes and there was barely any left from the original full bucket

Fress tasting, we tried the Camel and it was sort of fibber-y with no distinct flavor

DF PB & J at the Thirsty Cactus by the Midway Stage

Display by the cashier of what the serving is like

There was only one DF cook, so have to wait for a while although there wasn't much people and there was no system whatsoever, just pay and line up for the food but there wasn't any tickets or receipts.
So we bought one serving (3 sticks per order) but the guy actually end up giving us 2 serving (one for each if us) The batter was surprisingly thin around the bread and it look all poofy and pretty. This is my favorite DF food of the day. ♥♥♥

A lot of people still ask me about the DF butter which was introduce last year at CNE.
I had it last year and wasn't impress, it was just a thick batter with a melted mess of butter inside. Couldn't taste much except the syrup they drizzles on top.

The Wandering Bean
Had a latte before leaving, it was really good with a deep lingering flavor.

Love the vintage looking machine

Verdict :
Wasn`t as stuffed as I had expected, maybe because we shared almost everything.
My fave was the DF PB & J and the DF Oreo
I would def recommend you to try the Donut Burger w/ Bacon, share it if you don't want the whole 1500 calories.


  1. AHHH I missed the beaver tail :( looks so good too! O well...i think I had enough DF stuff that day anyway lol :) Glad you enjoyed the DF PB&J and Oreo =D

  2. Oh man... all those photos of DF food is taking me back to my visit to CNE last Friday. I actually didn't try a lot b/c the colossal onion almost killed me already. I also tried the DF PB&J but I found the batter to be too thick. 1/2 a stick was enough for me. I guess I'm not as big of a DF fan as I thought I was. But I can believe how much you ordered.. crazzzy!

  3. I gained ten pounds just reading this post!

  4. Food Junkie: lol, Beaver tail is nothing special compare to the other DF stuff =D And yup, great recommendation for the DF PB & J and Oreo

    Amy: lol, not very crazy since there was 6 of us.... I wasn't even that stuffed after =P

    Teena: LOL, I know.... on top of what I ate, I bet just smelling all the Df food there add to the calories consumed that day =P Have I been able to temp you to try any of these?!? LOL

  5. i luv carni food but this post OMG so much DF even i feel full just lookin at the pix lol

    cant believe u tried the krispy kreme burger just the sound of it makes me cringe

    great post:)

  6. LOL Karen... remember, all these was share between the 6 of us, so it's really not that much

  7. I never imagine eat Burgeer with donut together,how would the taste be?

    1. It's suprisingly good especially since I like sweet adn savoury combination :)