Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ice 'n Cake

Got a Buy one get one free gelato coupon for Ice 'n Cake while visiting Shops at Don Mill (back here) a month or so ago promoting their opening in a few weeks. 
So here we are this past Sunday to give it a try... 

Love the colorful decor, doesn't it make you feel happier just looking at it =D
I find the Cake selection rather limited and since we had the coupon, we decided to try the Gelato only. Maybe next time.

 It was quite crowded and I only manage to snap a pic of 1/2 of their Gelato selection

Ben's Salted Caramel and Roche 
~ both of them are good but not great, a bit too sweet for my taste

My Grapefruit and Passion Fruit
~ Love love love the passion fruit, I have been looking everywhere for passion fruit gelato/ice-cream and haven't been able to find it until now... I had a passion fruit gelato once at Hollywood Gelato and I found a close second recently at Ed's which is a Passion Fruit yogurt ice-cream). I love it mainly because I love anything passion fruit and the one here is definitely the real thing =P On the other hand, the grapefruit was rather bitter and not sour enough to my taste.

Verdict :
It's rather expensive compare to other gelato places, I ordered medium which is rather small for $4.95 + tax. I would rather stick with my favorite places live Ed's or even Simply Italian which I prefer.
But if you live uptown or close-by then I guess it's more convenient to drop by here for gelato craves
I still have a coupon left and I'll probably just go back for the Passion Fruit and nothing else =P

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  1. Wow nice place! I guess the steeper price comes w/ the territory.

  2. I guess so but at least it was good =D

  3. lucky u wish i had a coupon when i went;p

  4. their quality is really high, if you really take some times to taste it. Try their pistachio, it's to die for

  5. Sweettooth : Thanks for the recommendation, I'll def. try next time I'm there =D