Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Fahmee Bakery & Jamaican Food

I have been coming to Fahmee Bakery & Jamaican Food for many many years now. I will have craving for their Jerk Pork Coco Bread almost once a month and I've even got Ben addicted (^v^)

Coco Bread is originally from Jamaican or some area of Caribbean which contain coconut milk, slightly sweet. It's normally cut into half and stuffed with meat or a whole patty.

Fahmee is a very tiny place mainly for takeout although they do have a bench by the window.
Please be prepare to have line up if you drop by on the weekend.
They have one of the best patties available both fresh or frozen and you'll see people buying by the dozens to bring home.
It is Chinese own but all their food is very authentic since the majority of their clientele are Jamaican.

Jerk Pork Cocobread
This is is only place I know who have fatty pork belly Jerk (most places Jerk Pork tends to be rather dry) which make this super moist and tender. 
Each piece of pork is infused with flavor and their quality is so consistent cause I haven't had a bad experience for the past 10 years that I've been coming. Best $3.00 you'll ever spend (^_^)

 They have pickled onions and a super spicy garlic peppers concoction which is a must.
We both ♥ it so much and tends to add a lot to ours but be careful to thegarlic concoction since it's super super spicy... when I say it's spicy, it's spicy

Verdict :
If you don't like fatty pork belly, please try their Jerk Chicken which is equally delicious.
Their oxtail w/ rice & peas are also to die for.
But please try their Jerk Pork Cocobread, I guarantee you'll fall in ♥

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