Monday, August 8, 2011

Le Select Bistro

A lot of my friends have recommended Le Select Bistro to me for classic French Bistro fare and I haven't been until last month with my Dad. I try to avoid bringing him to Chinese Restaurant since he could have plenty back in Hong Kong and China.We had a lot of good memories eating French cuisine back in Mauritius where I grew up.

Fresh, warm fluffy bread... just love where places serves regular bread that you could actually taste all the flavor instead of a sour dough that most places serve these days.

Oreille de cochon
~ crispy sow's ear strips served with lentils du puy from France's volcanic soil and watercress
Love this salad, the pig ears was super crispy and flavorful. I have no idea what's the difference between regular lentils du puy and France volcani soil lentils du puy but it was sure delicious, with intense flavor... just wish it was a bigger portion so I could have more of this =P

Bone Marrow
I just can't say no to bone marrow so I have to order this and who could say no to this fatty yummy goodness. But I have to say that I like the the one I had here lot better, it was somehow not as fatty, not as big top was not as crispy and the bread wasn't as good (>_<) but I'll still eat this any day =P

Vol-au-vent Escargots
~ escargots in puff pastry with leeks, cream, white wine and herbs
I was a bit disappointed when this came; the presentation was horribleand maybe could have either use a bigger puff pastry bowl with bigger green salads on the side or just use a smaller plate O_o"
This was really not that great, the flavor just didn't blend for me. The cream sauce wasn't as rich and creamy as I would like, the puff pastry wasn't fresh/hot.

Terrine de foie gras
This was smooth, creamy, soft, a very classic terrine but wish it was serve with better looking and tasting toast since I was expecting more after the yummy baguette at the beginning of our meal
(yes, I'm a bread girl)

Confit de Canard
~ duck leg confit with crispy skin, served with green beans and potatoes au gratin
The potato gratin was the so cheesy creamy crispy good. The duck leg was good, fall off the bone crispy skin and all but not as good as the one I had here.

~ braised white lingo beans with lamb, pork belly, Toulouse sausage and duck confit
The beans was the best part of the dish, I'm surprise at how all the sides of each dish was very very delish. All the meats here are just average and really didn't like the sausage at all.

Gigot d'agneau au jus
~ roasted Alberta leg of lamb with a lemon and rosemary jus
This was the best main of the night, the lamb was perfectly cooked with very yummy crust and donce again the fries potato fritter thing was so good.

Ile Flottante
~ which means floating island is a meringue floating on creme anglaise
The meringue which is cooked in low temperature for longer period of time was totally different to the regular crispy meringue texture that I'm use to. This was soft almost marshmallow like in texture. This dessert really did nothing for me since all I could taste was sugar. Really not my kind of dessert but though the name was interesting =P

Verdict :
Everything was ok nothing extraordinary but all very enjoyable and reasonably priced.
Great service and also great beer/wine list (they have may fave Quebec Beer ~ La Fin du Monde)
Would be great just to enjoy drinks on the patio

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  1. The escargots in puff pastry looks sooo good! Too bad it wasn't that great though. The leg of lamb also has my drooling. Not to mention the foie gras terrine too!

  2. dang this is on my list to try and after reading your review might not be at the top of my list anymore...maybe i shud try their brunch instead