Friday, August 26, 2011

Dining Date Night - 30% Off Some of Toronto's Top Restaurants

I came across Dining Date Night on facebook and remember myself thinking that it's just another Groupon, Fabfind and millions of other websites. But being the deal queen that I am, I decided to sign up anyway since at least this is just for dining out and not the spa or hair removal deals that you see almost everyday on the other site. Heh, I am a subscriber to all of those sites as you may have notice through all my post by now but paying $20 or so less per meal barely help for someone who dine out almost every other day =P
Dining Date Night do not have daily deal, there's no coupons, no fine print and condition. Once you become a member (for FREE), reserve a table through their website for $10 and all you need is to show up at the date & time of your reservation and 30% will automatically taken off your bill.
 All food and alcohol included. That's a lot especially for people like me who have to have a bottle of wine with my dinner (^v^)

I'm not sure about you but I do not have a printer at home and I've to always print my coupons at work and right now I have a whole stack of it. With Dining Date Night, there's no coupons to print out and making sure to remember to bring it to the restaurant is another story (I always have to triple check). 

♦♦♦ What's so great about Dining Date Night? ♦♦♦
it's the list of the participating restaurants. Toronto top restaurants such as Splendido (best service in Toronto), l'Unita, Malena (my post here), Mildred's Temple Kitchen (my post here), Simple Bistro, Union (post coming up soon), Crush Wine Bar and many more coming up.

♦♦♦ How does it work you ask?!? ♦♦♦
Dining Date Night have been able to work with the restaurants to indicate when they have empty tables and need to fill the seats. They discount the bill 30% as a result, no coupon or vouchers.

 I have already bought and went to my first Dining Date Night at Union Restaurant and finally I don't feel guilty order an entire bottle of wine for the 2 of us.We couldn't be happier (^_^)

The dates available for each restaurant will be different but there's a fairly large amount of date to choose from, so all you need to do it make the reservation on Dining Date Night website, pay the $10 and show up. The only down side, it's only for 2 to 4 person reservations only and not more but I guess that's why it's call Dining Date Night 

I can't wait to see what other restaurant will be on board

Remember membership is FREE so there's really no harm in joining in case one of your favorite or one of those to-eat places pops up .
Sign up now and enter for a chance to win $100 gift card to one of the feature restaurant.

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