Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Kung Fu Duck

Saw my friend picture on facebook and she highly recommend I try since she though I would def love it. It was definitely a great recommendation and I just have to go buy some of these yummy duck goodness the same night to bring home since we didn't have any dinner plan after a late lunch.

Kung Fu Duck is located a the new Chinese Plaza on Midland and Finch and sell every part of the duck from duck chin to duck soft bone except the "duck itself  =P

It's just a really small space and there's only one small table available, so better for take-out. 

When ordering for most dishes, they'll ask if you'll prefer spicy or non-spicy and they'll just mix it with chili oil if you want spicy.
Most items was pack in Ziploc bags (^_^)
We had the duck tongue, duck gizzards, duck neck, duck feet and dock soft bone (in bowl)
The duck feet was the only think that I didn't like since it was not soft and fatty enough (not fall off the bone). My fave would be the spicy duck neck and soft bone =D 
The duck tongue was very good as well, super soft and very well marinated

Verdict :
Great take out place and perfect to bring home to enjoy with beer
Highly recommended !!!
Must try the duck neck and duck soft bone (^_^)

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  1. I love this post! On the other hand...ducks are probably hateing you right now lol

  2. I like to think of those bits and ends as the leftovers from all the duck confit and foie gras that's beeing sserved... Chinese never waste anything =P LOL

  3. lol Chinese eat anything & dt waste anything great find:)