Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ribfest 2011 @ Centennial Park

It's been a tradition for a few years that we go to Centennial Park Ribfest on Canada Day (normally open for 4 days during Canada Day long weekend) since nothing else seems to be open. But there was an exception this year since my dad can't eat meat that day, we went for Korean food here instead and went together on Sunday instead. I have been to several Ribfest in Toronto for the past few years but it seems that Centennial Park have the biggest one with the most ribs vendors (^_^)

Since there's a few more ribfest coming up, I thought I would share some of my fave.

Bloomin Onions which is a crowd favorite since it really really pretty 
but I didn't feel like fried food that day

Crabby's B.B.Q.
This is my fave year after year and people actually buy boxes of their ribs to go.

 The guy with the sunglasses are always smiling and post if he sees you taking picture. I just love the atmosphere at ribfest, it's incredible that after spending hours in front of the fire in such hot weather; those people are always smiling & cheerful =D

Crabby's yummy fall off the bone side ribs with just right amount of fat and meat ration which keep it moist and cook to perfection with just the right amount of their very well balance sauce (not to sweet, not too sour). Got a side of baked beans and like it a lot with peppercorns that give it a touch of heat.

Bibb's B.B.Q.
The only baby back ribs at Ribfest, most vendors only have side ribs which are normally cheaper. Back ribs are meatier and tends to be easier and quicker to cook since it has less fat and connective tissues. Personally I tend to like the fattier flavorful side ribs =P

I would say this sauce is better than Crabby's but not as well marinated since the the meat wasn't as flavorful.
The back ribs was also too meaty and on the dry side for my taste (I tend to ♥ fats)
Maybe I should have stick with their side ribs since their sauce was so yummy, well next time.

I like to get Lemonade iinstead of beer during ribfest since beer tend to fill me up too fast hense eating less =P This year lemonade taste like they put the pre-made stuff is mix with the normal soda and I basically say here use 2 halves of lemon in my large and 1 half in the small that we got. It has an artificial sour lemon taste, def not the real stuff..... it use to be really good last few years I had it, def with more lemons squeeze into it (>_<) Geez, for $6 I was expecting more lemon in my lemonade.

Billy Bones B.B.Q.
Voted best sauce last year, so we decided to get a sauce drench pull pork sandwich. But didn't like it at all, the sauce was super sweet and the pork was very very dry & overcook =(

1st time seeing a women at the grill (^_^)


Camp 31
Our last stop and this is rank 2nd for me =D
Their ribs was the only one that we had that was really fall off the bone but the meat wasn't as moist & fatty as Crabby's and the sauce is not as good as Bibb's.

Verdict :
My fave ribs in Toronto is still Stockyards that I blogged here and here
But I know I'll be going back years after years and keep our tradition going.
It's also a great atmosphere and one of my favorite summer festivals =D

Markham Ribfest is coming this week and there's still more dates for Scarborough.


  1. I'm going to the Markham Ribfest on sunday! I'm so excited because I've never been to any ribfest before lol I know I'm so ashamed haha~

  2. I'm surprise gurl... i bet you'll go back every year after that =P

  3. lol meeee too i've never been to any ribfest i just hate crowds but after reading ur post think i might try this out next yr:)

  4. It`s really not that bad... cause it`s quite a large space, so not that crowded and line up are pretty quick (all within 10 mins) unlike Taste of Asia and Truck Eats