Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Café Boulud

Ben bought me to newly open Café Boulud (@CafeBouludTO) at the Four Season for my Birthday dinner after my not so subtle hint (^_^) This is the 14th restaurant in Chef Daniel Boulud's name and the third of that name (the other ones are in New York & Palm Beach) and the Chef de cuisine here is Tyler Shedden (@tylershedden) .

It was around 7:00pm Saturday and the place was pack, so I didn't go around to take more picture of the place since I wanted to enjoy my dinner with Ben :)

Love the salt on the butter, small touches like these make the difference.

 Crispy Duck Egg $16
~ fricassee of wild mushrooms, duck confit, salsify and celery root
 This was probably the dish that stood out the most for me, with the perfectly cook egg runny sweet egg and crispy shell was perfect when mix with the earthy mushroom and flavorful celery root plus just enough of added texture with the duck confit pieces.

Vadouvan Spiced Quail $16
~ avocado chutney, breakfast radish, confit turnip
This was Ben's app and at first glance, I was afraid that it would be rather dry... but as he cuts into it, it still has a slight pink color which meant it was slightly undercooked and it was incredibly moist.
It was very well marinated was well, you can taste the vadouvan spice in every bite.

 Duo of Cumbrae Beef $36
~ dry-aged striploin, red wine braised short rib, spinach subric, hen of the wood mushrooms, pomme dauphine
I like how the serve a lot of their dishes without the sauce and we pour at the table so that you can enjoy the pretty presentation of each dish. As soon as I seen it's from Cumbrae Farm, I know it's gonna be good and every element of this dish was indeed very delicious, I am a happy girl.
 I especially love the spinach subric cube mouse on the bottom left, it's a really nice light pallet clenser after the heavier taste/sauce of the meat.

 Roasted Ontario Veal Loin $32
~ cheeks and sweetbreads casserole, oyster mushrooms, carrot confit, garlic permesan grits

Grapefruit Givré $12
~ sesame halva, rose loukoum, grapefruit sorbet
After seeing picture of this online, I just had to order it since it's just so pretty and it tasted as good as it looked. The strands of cotton candy (the loukoum) was just such a beauty, so airy and fluffy on top and together with the grapefuit sorbet inside work together surprisingly well.

Coconut-Roasted Pineapple $12
~ lime gelée, coconut foam, passion fruit sorbet
 Found the square cake base a bit dry but I did like the pineapple with the paper thin coconut slices on top and the passion fruit sorbet was just so so good (for those of you who don't know, I ♥ passion fruit).

Verdit :
Thanks Ben for such a great dinner/time ♥
Really great service, Great food and quite affordable (w/no drink, it'll be around $60pp for 3 courses)
I would come back in a heartbeat

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