Monday, December 10, 2012

Bakerbots Baking

Going on Twitter and Instagram all the time is probably not a very good idea since I get all sort of cravings looking at other people yummy posts. I saw an Instagram of the ice cream sandwich and I just had to head over the next day to get one =P

Bakerbots Baking (Twitter: @BakerbotsBaking) is located on Delaware Ave just next to Ossington Stastion which is incredibly convenient for those who don't drive.
Just got to love the place as soon as you walk in with all the pretty yummy bake goodies but we have to stay focus here, we are here for the ice cream sandwich and we just have to come back for the rest another time (>_<)


 2 size : 1/2 sandwich for $4.00 or whole sandwich for $6.50
We decided on two 1/2 sandwich since we wanted to try both.

 Everything Cookie w/ Burnt Toffee Ice Cream $4.00
Love this cookie but not only that but the ice cream was just equally good and I later found out that it was from my fave ice cream shop, Ed's Real Scoop (see my post here)... no wonder it's so good.

 Captain Peanut Cookie w/ SJBC Ice Cream $4.00
This cookie was a bit chewier but just as delicious while I prefer the texture of the first one with the ice cream.

Cookie : Everything, Captain Peanut, Birthday, Ginger Molasses & RoCocoa
Love it so much that we bought a few extra cookies home and after trying all the flavors, I still like the Everything Cookie the best ♥

Verdict :
Love the ice cream sandwich where both ice cream and cookie taste equally delicious.
Will definitely come back to try the other bake treats...
or may get some home while getting the ice cream sandwich again

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  1. mmm I've been sick since friday! So far these ice cream sandwiches are the only thing that have interested my appetite!!

    1. Sick again?! You got to take care girl.

      Yes, this is sooooo good.. a must try

  2. bakerbots actually makes there own ice cream, its no longer eds!