Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Au Pied de Cochon (Montreal)

I must be the luckiest girl since I manage to grab a reservation only one and half week prior for 8:00pm at Au Pied de Cochon. which is the most popular restaurant in Montreal.
After our late lunch here and snack here, we still manage to find room for this.... I'll have to say that the dishes was a lot bigger in portion than I have expected, the five of us were more than full after sharing the following dishes.

Found it a bit strange how the bread was served on a brown paper towel which left messy crumbs all over but it was very tasty with a perfectly crisp outer shell and moist yummy interior.

 Cromesquis de Foie Gras $3.50/2pcs
Little bite size of deep fried foie gras goodness arrives and we can't wait to bite into it but our server explains that it has to sit for a minute or two to let it cool down. I would suggest to pop the entire piece in your mouth at once since it will burst open.... this was a tiny piece of heaven with buttery goodness of foie gras with such an intense burst of flavor. I would have prefer a thinner shell / battered exterior but guess that's needed to hold the liquid-y interior.

 Poutine au Foie Gras $23
I originally thought that would be an overrated dish but decided to order in since we can't not have poutine in Montreal... However, this was so damn good. The gravy was just a creamy goodness, probably the best gravy I have ever had which was made with foie gras, a secret powder and egg yolk. While the cheese curds were not the usual salty version which let the amazing gravy stand out and there was enough foie gras for the five of us to share ♥

Terrine $24
This was probably the most boring dish we ordered but it was still very good nonetheless, smooth intense foie gras flavor.

 Canard en Conserve (Duck in a can) $43
Being Martin Picard's signature dish, I just had to order this and this came in the can which was open at the table, then pour over the plate that contained the turnip purée and a piece of foie gras. 
The smell was just incredible!!!
With the ingredient listed on the can, it looks incredible simple but it's not. You definitely have to try it to understand how good it is.. the layer of flavors was just amazing, I guess cooking it inside the can just lock in all the moisture and flavor. It came with the duck skin which was a bit thick and fatty, it was a bit heavy and tough to bite into... we manage still manage to eat it since it was so flavorful and the the "sauerkraut" veggies with a bit of tartness cut into the fattiness really well.

 Tête Framagée (cheese head) $22
Don't be disgusted and have an open mind since this was so delicious with so many different layers of texture and flavor. It was rather heavy and on the salty side but it came with a side of endive and apple salad which lighten it up.

 PDC's Melting Pot $20.50
~ pork sausage, blood sausage, pork belly, potato and cheese
This was a disappointment after all the great yummy dishes and just happen that I had this last.
I was a bit bland, nothing really stand out here.

 A very tiny open kitchen where all these amazing dishes came out of.

Verdict :
Love this place and I want to go back to Montreal already just for this.
I totally forgot about ordering the Plogue à Champlain which everyone says it's the best dish there, which give me another reason to go back soon ;)
Great food, great service, great vibe and really reasonably price for the quality of food.
It's a Foie Gras heaven, what's not to like =P

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  1. I need to go! Last time I was in Montreal I couldn't get a reservation. They told me to try back at 10:30pm lolol

    1. I know, felt so lucky since it was a last minute trip for a friend visiting from HK

  2. I never believe can get good food from can, at least it is not fresh, but after read your discription I really want to try, and at this moment I would prefer Tête Framagée.