Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fisherman Clubhouse Restaurant

I went to Fisherman Clubhouse twice within a month, once with Ben's parent and went back with friends. The place is pretty ghetto with very tacky decor and waitress shouting all across the restaurant but the seafood is fresh and super good "Wok hay" (鑊氣).
 This place is pack everyday of the week, so make sure to make reservation ahead of time.

We order the same 7 course Lobster Dinner Combo for 3 person at $88.99 both times but with 2 additional dishes the 2nd time (crab & fish). The combo price include a 6Lbs lobster but please note that most of their lobster are 1 to 2Lbs heavier and make sure you put the extra $$ per pound into consideration. And when the menu said 3 person, it surely can feed 4-5 person plenty.

The Combo include one lobster cook 4 ways plus soup, veggies and dessert.
That was our lobster at around 7.5 Lbs

1st Course : Tofu, Clams & Bitter Melon Soup 
This is light, fresh and the soup is not bitter at all, a great start to the meal since the flavor will gradually get stronger as we go.

2nd Course: Steam Lobster 
Light and sweet fresh lobster

3rd Course: Lobster Claw w/ soy sauce 
This have the perfect "Wok hay" (鑊氣), the best I had in Toronto so far. 
Please note that they put coriander sprinkled on most of their dishes, so if you don't like it make sure you mention to them when ordering.

4th Course : Steam Lobster Roe w/ XO sauce
Lobster roe is just heavenly, I'm drooling just thinking about it. This is a very high cholesterol dish, so when we went with his parents, they can't have it so we finish the whole thing just the 2 of us =P

5th course: Salt & Pepper  Lobster 
This is perfect with a glass of beer =P 
Dip in flour fried and stir fried with garlic, chili, pepper and salt. This is perfect with so much "Wok hay" (鑊氣), I bet all the cook inside is super muscular to be able to make this given how heavy all of these lobster dishes are.

 6th Course : Chinese Vegetables
 We got different types the 2 time we went .

7th Course: Dessert
I didn't take pic since it's only the typical house dessert that's not that great (I didn't even eat it)

 Typhoon Shelter Crab 避風塘炒蟹
This was one of the dish we added
This a Hong Kong style fried crab originated from Typhoon Shelter area normally fried with garlic, scallions, chili and black bean. The one here is slightly different, it was friend with garlic, scallions, chili and I saw a touch of lard and it's topped with fried small white rice fish 白飯魚. Normally this is a crab dish but here they have the lobster version as well and since their lobster are so huge, it's served in a huge platter that the dish alone can probably feed more than 4 person =P
 This was the dish we wanted to try the second time. I personally like crab a lot better than crab, so I probably ate this dish more than any other (probably finish 1/2 of this) =P

Lobster Roe, yummmmm =P

 They have a large picture of the lobster version on the wall. 
Love how it's piled so high and yes, the actual dish actually look like that as well

Steam Eel w/ Black Bean Sauce 
I didn't taste this one since I don't like eel but according to the others, this was super good

 Verdict :
This is definitely better than Red Lobster.
♥ Lobster cook in Chinese Style since there's so much variety style/flavor =D
This is a must try seafood place, not one dish was overcook (overcooking seafood is the worst).
I'll definitely come back for geoduck combo.
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  1. By looking at your pictures and description, I think this place may be better than OMEI. Need to go try pronto. I LOVE eel :) Must order that too hehe

  2. I never tried OMEI so can't really compare but this place is so pack, just show it's really good =D

  3. I want!! I've also tried Omei a while back, which was pretty good, but Stella's right... every one of your pictures are drool-worthy. Yum!

  4. We should all go there together =D

  5. Just tried it last night based on your rec and the lobster was great! The other dish that blew me away was a crispy eel dish with the fried small white fish and chinese string beans. This should be up on my blog soon. My parents like it so much they said if they win the lottery that they will go there every weekend! lol

  6. Just read you blog, thanks for the mention =D
    Glad you like it and I know you enjoy it since you forgot to take pics at the end LOL, I know how much it takes to forget for foodies like us =P

  7. As a spring maritime lobster fisherman, my friend, that lobster in your photo is no 7.5 lb. The max I give it is 6.5.... and that is based on proportions and 25 years of experience. You should get them to weigh it right in front of you next time so you do not get a padded bill.

  8. Stumbled upon your blog upon searching for this restaurant.. been here last month and I must say it is one of the best restaurants i've been in Canada! Great lobster feast! :)

    1. I'll have to agree adn at quite an affordable price too :)