Monday, October 17, 2011

La Taquizza

Went to Vaughan Mills for a bit of shopping after our farm day here and since we needed to head over to a friend 's place for a mini wine night, we decide to pick a restaurant by the mall. Saw really good reviews for La Taquizza online and it's very authentic so here we go. Not sure what authentic Mexican food would taste like but I'll just comment according to our likings =P
 It was a Saturday night and all the restaurant around seems to be relatively busy but this place was empty.... Eeekkkk, wrong choice?!?

Complimentary Salsa Bar, from mild to extra spicy to choose from.

Tamarindo  Margarita
~ tamarind is a refreshing and different version than the usual lime or strawberry. I find it a bit sweet but together with the salt rim, it's rather refreshing and gave quite a punch of flavor which further enhance the tamarind flavor

Tecate, Mexican Beer... not a fan =(

Totopos Con Guacamole
~ Fresh home made Guacamole served w/ cantina style tortilla chips
The canita tortilla chip is much lighter and crispier than corn chips  that are normally served in most other mexican restaurant that I've been in Toronto. The guacamole was light and refreshing, a bit more lime than my favorite here but it was good enough that I got an extra serving of take out for our wine night later on =P With Avocado pricing being so high, $6.25 was definitely worth.

Jalapenos Rellenos
~ Jalapeno chiles stuffed with cream cheese and served with a small side of guacamole for dipping
I'm not even sure if it was Jalapenos peppers since it definitely didn't taste like it and it wasn't the tiniest bit spicy =P Nothing special =(

Enchiladas de Mole Poblano (Chicken)
~ Mole is made w/ over twenty different ingredients including a variety of chiles, nuts, and a pizca de chocolate. Served with rice and black bean
This is my first time eating mole and we both actually really liked it. It was milder in flavor than I thought, letting each of the ingredients to peek through, no over whelming flavor. The most distinct flavor would have to be the chocolate, yet it's not sweet at all =D

Here's the part that I didn't like about the night, the waitress came over and told us that we aere not allow to take pictures of their food after watching us snap away all night... just as we were finishing and we were at our last dish... what the... ?!? So old school / traditional, I just can't believe there's still restaurants who says that given that it's free advertisement and seeing that we were the only table, they really need some (>_<)

Tacos Mixtos (mix of 3 tacos)
~ I still manage to snap some quick pics although the quality is horrible. The presentation looks rather plain and boring anyway =(

Tacos de Carne Asada ~ Steak fillets, marinated overnight for maximum tenderness and flavor
 This was very tender and althought it looks rather plain, it was pack with flavor

Tacos De Carnitas ~ Roasted Pork, simmered w/ unique condiments to reach tenderness and flavor
Very plain looking, wish it was more well presented since it was rather delicious and goes perfectly with their salsa

Tacos Al Pastor ~ Pork fillets are marinated in a blend of spices and bit of pineapple then grilled
I love al pastor. Although the flavor was great here, I wish the sauce was less messy since it did made a mess and it wasn't hand-eating friendly at all.

Verdict :
Liked most of the dishes we had but the no picture policy turn me off =(

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  1. Interesting that if you the consumer are paying to eat at a particular establishment and are told that you are not allowed to take pics of the food that you ordered and are paying for. I would have asked her, "when might I a food critic be able to take a pic, would you suggest while it's being digested?"

  2. I don't really eat Mexican food so many of these dishes are new to me :D Sucks that they won't let you take pics.. I mean, you're helping them promote for free :D

  3. The funny thing is they tell me that when she was serving me the last dish =P I mean, we had 2 camera snapping away since we sat down..... ?!?

    I mean it's what restaurant use to do many years ago cause they are afraid that others will copy their dishes etc....

  4. Yeah not sure what is wrong with them! Seeing that they weren't busy they should be thankful that they are getting some sorta attention...whether its good publicity or not.