Monday, November 1, 2010

Going Riding ?!? LOL !!!

Just got these suede boots online from Urban Outfitters, these are much taller than I had thought, it actually touch my knees  =D

Love how it looks slightly stain/dirty at the toe and heels..... I wanted to get a pair of flat boots to walk around in apart from my Uggs for winter and this is perfect. Plus it'll go with all my bohemian style that I am so into right now and still goes well with jeans.

As most of you already know, I think I do have too many shoes... or can a gurl ever have enough =P
This is a picture I took when I moved in March and I've already thrown away more than 1/3 since some of them seems outdated or too worn out....

By the time I moved in, I bought a few pairs from my 1 week trip to Hong Kong..... it's no brand and extremely cheap

And more on my trip to Buffalo..... my problem is, I like my heels as much as my sneakers, although I'm trying to hold back on the sneakers since I don't wear them that much... can't wear to office and weekend, I like to stick w/ flip flops in the summer and cute boots in the winter =D

And this is my most expensive buy of the year... and I even went online to buy it cause they sold out in Toronto stores.... my Sam Edelman Lorissa ~ spicky bling bling heels =P



  1. you sure have a awesome shoes collection ... those shoes are beautiful.. such a good taste ... Love it!! ...