Tuesday, November 2, 2010

beard papa's

I got a Deal of the Day email for a $10 coupon for beard papa's... I didn't even know they open up one at Pacific Mall since I haven't been there since forever =D Beard papa's are a worldwide franchise cream puffs store that's originates from Osaka, Japan... tried it when I was in Hong Kong.... so I bought the coupon right away. The $10 Deal was valued at more than $26 and it include 2 original vanilla puffs, 2 green tea puffs, 2 feature flavour puffs, 2 cheesecake sticks and 2 fondue chocolate cake.

When we got there at around 5:30pm, there was quite a line up, I start to think that it may be good and worth the wait.... hummmm, waiting waiting & more waiting (for around 10 mins)

Love how everyone are dress in their cute "cook" uniform.....and they bake the puffs on the spot and the creams are squeeze in as per order....

But they only have 3 flavour available that day: the original vanilla, green tea and banana the feature flavour of the day.... in Hong-Kong they have more than 10 flavour readily available to choose from at all time.

 The picture on the right is the Banana cream puff which is not as thick as I expected, it was dripping while I ate it. But when I bit into a second one which was the original (picture below), the cream was much thicker... the way a cream puff should be in my opinion. I didn't take a picture of the green tea but it was like the banana, the cream dripping all over the place. But the puff itself was super light, you can easily have a few without feeling stuff =P
 I definitely like the original much better than the 2 other flavour but hopefully they will have the mango and the chocolate flavour the next time I visit.

The cheesecake stick was really nothing special and I would definitely not buy it at regular price... whereas the "Fondant au Chocolate" was not melting at all, as you can see from the picture the chocolate is not pouring out as it should be (you should have see their website picture and that's why I had higher hope)... I guess I should have warm in up before I eat it... nevertheless, it tasted nothing special, not really the best chocolate use...
btw, the Mochi ice cream and the mango ice shower are not available in Toronto's location, so I would recommend to just stick with cream puffs =P

Verdict: should try at least once but don't have too high expectation

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  1. Hey Vickie =) So funny! I went there last Saturday to use my coupon! I bought two coupons and *sigh*...lets just say I'm not crazy about them at all and don't understand what the hype is about them. I find the filling too be too watery and so messy to eat! The custard inside is thin and it just POURS out.. which is so different from what they show in the picture (the custard being a bit thicker and actually stays put if you cut the puff in half). And then meanwhile, as you pointed out, the chocolate cake's filling did NOT pour out at all like how they showed in the picture! AIIII I want to get rid of my other coupon and sell it someone who likes these cream puffs LOL!

  2. Oh and i want to point out since once of your puffs filling was thicker than the other....I think it really has to do with the lack of consistency in this location. I'm thinking that they may be so popular in the US/worldwide because the custard is supposed to be thick...while all 6 of mine were so friggin' watery >_< I don't see how ppl can love them so much if they are all watery lor.

  3. really...I like the original flavour becasue it was custardy (more thick).... maybe they just "water it down" when they are selling too much (you know like those soup in chinese restau) =P

    but if you in Asian next time try it there... i had a few different flavour back in Hong kong (there's quite a few in subway stations)and tehy were all thick and creamy =D

  4. Yeah all of mine were super thin and watery...I couldn't even take a picture of the cream puff after I bit into it because all the custard would start pouring out like mad =( it was so sloppy!

    I'm thinking to give them another chance maybe in 6 months time...maybe their consistency and speed of service will be better =) I waited for 30 minutes for mine O_o