Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Can't Wait

I originally wanted to go to the Shiseido warehouse sale this Saturday but when I got there, the line up was so long that I gave up and went for Lunch & then shopping at Yorkdale =P

Good thing I already went to Sephora a few days ago to take advantage of the 20% Sephora VIB discount savings and replenish my Caudalie eye cream & serum. I tried Lancome liquid foundation a few years back but didn't like it at all, but this summer I gave it one more chance and bought the Teint Idole Fresh Wear which is a 18hr shine free makeup w/ SPF 15, it was so lightweight that I love it and wore it almost everyday... while it's perfect for summer, I wanted something heavier for winter so I'm giving this Teint Idole liquid foundation a try. And I have always meant to try Stella Kajal Eyeliner in Onyx (black) but each time I'm at Sephora, it's sold out....so glad I got it this time with the discount... try it and love it, the formula glides on perfectly without dragging like most pencil eyeliners... if you don't have one, please do try it.

I started to like wearing flowers pattern this summer and now I'm loving lace... just the other day, I bought 2 lace skirt and I'm still looking for the perfect lace top. Here's one of the skirt I bought from H&M.

I'm so proud of myself that I haven't bought anything at Yorkdale until the last store... 
Went in Little Burgandy to look at some winter boots and saw this bag and just have to have it... so end up bringing this vintagey looking bag home, it's the must have structure bag of this seasons 

Then on my way to dinner dt, we was a bit early so we decided to walk around the area....saw this and it was so cute that I have to get this (^__^)

Btw, love my honey brown color circle lens, it just go with almost every color of eyeshadow.... perfert to try out my Costal Scents pallets form here

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