Wednesday, November 24, 2010


This is my second time at L.A.B which is an acronym for Live And Breath. The first time was a girl date back in May when they just opened and it was the name that attracted me instantly. When I was there I regretted immediately of not having including the guys since I know Ben will love both the decor and concept of the place. The opportunity finally came when I got the Fab Find coupon of $60 for $30 deal.

Howard Dubrovsky, owner & co-chef is the mad scientist w/ a full molecular arsenal behind these dishes.

We started off with a drink each since we didn't want to open a bottle of wine since we are going to the Food & Wine Expo the next day. So I order the Kentucky Apple which consist of Woodford Boubon, Apple Juice, Bitters, Honey & Red Wine whereas Ben has 2 pint of beer. The funny thing is when Ben ordered he 2nd glass, he ask for something but the waiter just recommended something else and he went with it which was not regretted. I just adore how friendly the service are in these smaller restaurant that I like going.

Sweet Corn Spaetzle ~ Corn Puree / Collard Greens / Caramelized Cheddar / Popcorn Shoots. 
This was more than I ever expected, the shoots (long yellow strips) was super sweet and the sweet cheddar sauce goes perfectly with the crispy outside and soft & chewy inside spaetzle which is balance off by the slightly bitter collard.

Smoked Tomato Salad ~ Ontario Buffalo Mozzerella / Toasted Bread / Pliable Oil.
Super fresh tomatoes, each color having it's own texture and flavour w/ the best mozzerella w/ the perfect dressing. Very refreshing ♥

Rabbit Sous-Vide ~ Caraway Egg Noodle / Tomato Paprika / Purple Cabbage.
The meat was super moist, perfectly cook noodle which goes perfectly with the sauce. Btw, the purple cabbage was at the bottom but by the time I dig in, it was so good that I didn't stop to take a picture of it, The cabbage was slightly sour which goes perfectly with the creamy tomato sauce and the purple color was  very pretty too.

Ontario White Fish ~ Brussels Sprouts / Unagi Hash / Sake Kasu / Black Sesame
Just in case you were wondering what Sake Kasu is, here's a link with full explanation. The fish was perfectly sear on the outside with extra crispy skin and yet moist in the inside. The Hash with small chucks of unagi, it's on the salty side but goes perfectly with the under-season fish and yet you can still taste the freshness.

Pera Tequila ~ Grilled Pear / Tequila Sabayan / Caramel Lace Cookie.
This was super refreshing and not sweet at all and the Cookie on top almost make the texture like the top of the creme brulee.

Mock Apple Pie ~ Ritz Cracker Pie / Apple Fluid Gel / Lavender Ice Cream.
Doesn't the picture says for itself, it was so yummy and the crumble on top was super crispy with tiny bits of caramel mix in. I love how their dessert are not very sweet which enable to taste each and every ingredients.

And here's some pics from my first visit:

Vegetable disguise as calamari ~ root vegetable calamari w/ tartar sauce.

Bison Tartar w/ juniper anglaise, maple bourbon & pickled mustard seeds 

♥My Faux-jito, so pretty ♥

Lamb Sous-Vide ~ sigar-smoked gnocchi & brown butter

No Rhyme Risotto w/ Cabernet Sauvignon powder playing carrot rissotto

Spicy Brownie ~ Mayan brownie is laced w/ chilli & topped w/ fruit in hibiscus syrup.
This was my first introduction to chilli & Chocolate and I've been loving it since.... especially the Chilli Chocolate Gelato at Ed's. They don't have this anymore, wanted to have that =(

Malaysian curry ice cream accompanies chessy apple turnover w/ smoked salt caramel
The only word I could think of to describe the curry ice cream is INTERESTING. Love the salt caramel and really nothing special about the turnover

Ben love the graffiti wall and I love the brick wall (^_^) and their custom made Bar just tide the entire place together. And can you believe it, I sat at the same table both time.. what a coincidence.

And the bill comes in such a cute jar / test-tube with pink salt inside

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  1. Lovely pics! All the items you order seem so unique and different. LOVE it! :) The white fish looks delish (the black sesame sauce got me) ^^ Great post~

  2. Thanks Food Junkie =D
    really fun place, you should go try given it's all very resonably priced.

  3. i bought the voucher as well...after looking at your pix i'm even more excited now to try it out

  4. you have to =D it's not super pricey but very interesting and the chef comes out and mingle with the customer all the time