Sunday, October 24, 2010

Curly or Long ?!?

 My first product reviews....I recently bought some Foam Hair Rollers Curlers and 21" Clip on Hair Extension on ebay  here and here.

I used to curl my hair with a curling iron quite often a few years ago but it damaged my hair so bad that I quit and only do it for special occasion. Recently I bought some Foam Hair curlers on ebay and I try it this Saturday. Since I don't have a lot of hairs, one pack of six was just enough. I just use it on wet hair and let it air dry finishing with a fair amount of hair spray. It was very easy, I can have it on while I dress and do my make up... if you are real quick and finish before your hair is dry, you could speed up the process with a hair dryer... 

Here's the instruction at the back, it's pretty simple... at least won't get burn by a hot curling iron, which I do all the time, so clumsy >__<

Here's the result =D 
You can also get the same result with a shredded old t-shirt like Michelle Phan in her Eco-Friendly Beauty Tutorial (btw, I'm a huge fan of hers)

But by the end of the day, it's almost back to normal... my hair doesn't hold up to any styling, so next time I'll have to use some extra hair spray >_<  

Btw, the pic was taken at Table 17... another post to follow =) 

Dress: Urban Outfitters (online sales)
Hair Clip: Banana Republic
Sally Hansan Nail Color: Complete Salon Manicure #370 Commander in Chic (my fav at the moment, it just go with everything)

I always envied people who have waist long hair since I can never grow past a certain length.... so here comes my fist clip-on hair extension... it's Synthetic made in Korea and it has a much better feel to it compare to the China ones, at the same affordable price, less than $30 including shipping.... LOVE it, may buy another one as back up =P

 Dress: H&M, Jacket, Boots & Bag: Zara, Belt: Forever 21


  1. Such good products! i think i would recommend them to a friend who always envy long hair =) for me i have dyed hair so i will never know if the extension would match my hair color =( secondly, my natural hair is actually really curly lol so no need for that for the curlers.

    Keep up with the reviews! I love them =)

  2. Thanks for reading my post even thou it's not about food...

    LOL... bringing back memories... remember back when I first met you... I think I had the same color hair as you did =)
    but switch back to black a while back and find it easier to match clothes...but I still like to dye it in those unaturally black black =P