Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sushi Couture

My first post will be about one of my favorite food, Japanese. It's the recently open Sushi Couture, it's chef Ken, formerly of Japango which is one of my go to places for good sashimi and sushi in Toronto.So I didn't waste any time and went there 2 weeks ago. I can say it's basically a copy of Japango, most items are identical at a fraction of the cost; same good quality sashimi, same items and presentations. We originally was planning to get $60 Omakase but we were told that we should order ahead at the time of reservation. So the 2 of us order only one set of $39 Omakase as suggested by the server (same one from Japango) instead of 1 set each and some other regular items from the menu.Since they don't have liquor license, there's no sake for us and our bill end up being under $70 which if usually half of what we usually spend at Japengo.

Omakase 1st Course:
Manila Clam Soup (picture above)
~Fresh Asari (Manila clams), sake-steamed served in a flavorful broth. We order this from the day's special menu, but we were then told that it's the first course for our Omakase.The clams were perfectly cooked, not at all rubbery and they had a very clean flavour but yet you can still taste the Sake.

Sushi Couture Roll
The server recommended their signature roll. There's really nothing special about it except for the maki sauce on top which is broiled, then torched again It's much heavier than your normal rolls but it was very flavorful.... just give you a warm feeling.

Sushi Burger 
~ which we order from their regular menu. It's basically just fried sushi rice that act as the bun with scallop patties. Really nothing special but tiny & cute >o<

Omakase 2nd Course:
Shiso Leaves & Sea Bream 
~ Neatly sliced in half, sea bream paste sandwiched between 2 shiso leaves.
Mini Eggplants stuffed with pork 
~ fresh, local & organic mini eggplant, taste as good as it looks
Cucumber Cup 
~ A fresh, crispy slice of organic cucumber cup was filled with hata (Boston grouper) & olives mixed with a bit of olive oil. 
Omakase 3rd Course:
Taro Tartar with avocado 

Omakase 4th Course:
~ melt in your mouth goodness top with crispy slivers of green onions. Japango was the only place I know of that serves butterfish and it's serve exactly the same way.

Kurodai ~ Greece Sea Bream

Omakase 5th Course:
Sushi Platter ~ again it looks exactly the same as Japango's

To prove my point, here's a picture I took back in Feb when I last visited Japango.

More side-order Sushi (not included in the Omakase):
More Sushi ~ love the tempura style shrimp sushi, they even included the head which I love

Green Tea Ice-Cream w/ banana tempura 
~ they gave us 2, one was included in the Omakase & the second one was on the house

I would definitely go back and recommend to my friends as I did for Japango and this is even better since it's at a fraction of the price.

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  1. First to post a comment on your blog, Vickie =) Great pictures at Sushi Couture, makes me want to go even more!!!

    Now I'm debating between going to Sushi Couture or Japango first, what do you think? Since you said Sushi Couture is cheaper and is basically the same as Japango...why spend more than I have to LOL!

  2. Add oil!!! I will follow this blog forever!!!

  3. Thanks Gurl =D
    I would say try Sushi Couture first, but do call ahead for reservation and ask for the $60 Omakase.. you can actually request for the $$ amount, the basic on the menu was $39.99 so it can go up from that

  4. >(@@)<
    Thanks for always going on those adventures with me =)

  5. mm...the food looks so good!! I want to go now too!! How far in advance do i have to book?

  6. a few days is good =D
    I want to go back to Yuzu (same owner as Japango) again... let's go together ?!

  7. Vickie~~!!! Karen & I are eating there as I'm typing this now. We're trying that $39 tasting menu you were talking about. First two dishes.... DISAPPOINTING =(
    TBD for the last three dishes......

    ( hopes are not high.... )

  8. really?!? hummmm.... i guess the quality isn't as consistence at a cheaper place like this >__<
    cause when I went it was pretty good but we order only one to share =P