Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Olde Angel Inn

This is my second time at The Olde Angel Inn and I think it`s one of the less `tourist-y`` restaurant at Niagara-on-the-lake. It`s also a good escape from all the wine and enjoy a good old pint of cold beer =P

OH, I heard that the place is haunted but maybe because we went during the day on both occasion, we didn`t have any special ``encounters``.

We were lead to the back room, very old decor

Ben like this but I find it rather ``grass-y`` tasting

Fish & Chips (English Style)
~ beer battered haddock, fresh cut fries, peas and carrots
This is exactly what I had last time too since I love it so much. The batter was very airy light and crispy, the fish is incredibly moist. Even the chips was extremely good. 
Love they actually use the fake newspaper but I really can't imagine serving it on real one in-spite of their super oil absorbancy (>_<)

Steak and Kidney Pie
~ slow roasted beef and beef kidneys in gravy, topped puffed pastry and served w/ fries
This was very good w/ huge chunks of beef and beef kidneys that's cook to the point that it's melt in your mouth, the kidney was partially melted into the gravy making the sauce super thick and flavorful.
Goes perfectly with the flaky buttery puff on top

True to it's name, you'll see angels decoration/art all around.
There's even bigger art pieces in the other rooms

Verdict :
I bet I'll be back again and again each time I'm at Niagara on the Lake

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  1. I think this place will be pretty scary at night :) Man I love pub food like this..English styles!!!

  2. the food looks really yummy nice find:)