Monday, June 27, 2011

Taste of Asia

Taste of Asia takes place every year for the past 9 years normally on the last weekend of June, located just outside of Pacific Mall (Kennedy Rd and Steeles Ave). There's around 180 vendors, mostly being food vendors and to me that's their main attraction.

Although it's describe as a multicultural event, frankly it's mostly about Chinese/Hong Kong street food. I have given up going 2-3 years ago since it's always the same thing over and over again, not to mention that most thing are over priced, non-professional, poorly cooked and super long line up (really can't compare to the real HK street food). Most better tasting vendors are actually restaurant or store that you can visit any days without the crowd. But I know that unlike me, many other visit because of the crowd.

But since my Dad is here from Hong Kong, I thought it would be fun to bring him =D
We ate Lunch before heading over so we were very full and didn't really try a lot and also because hate lining up (so stinky there with the Stinky Tofu)

Grilled Specialty Toast
Read about this fun Chinese Toast vendor on Toronto Star here and decided to try it out, finally something new.

Their Sample display, 
at last some color compare to the boring curry fish balls, lamb skewers and sticky tofu.
Love how what usually goes on crepe is put on toast here and the bread grill to perfect crispy exterior with super moist interior (yes, I ♥ bread).
They had small pieces of the Bacon and cheese samplers when we got there, so we end up not ordering it since we try it already =P

3 for $5
Red Bean and Green Tea, wish they had more of the matcha green tea syrup since I could barely taste it on top of the sweet red beans and whipped cream.

 Strawberry Shortcake, the thinned out Strawberry jam was not overly sweet with a touch of sour was a refreshing after the dense pasty red beans

 Chocolate & Oreo, presentation wise I though this was the best looking and don't ask me why cause just a personal opinion. Love the not overly sweet chocolate choice

 Really nothing special but good bread and cute presentation 

Really wanted a deep fried Mars bar but was way too full =(

Grilled Lamb Skewers
The meat was a bit tasteless and would be quite bland if not for the spice/herbs on top, guess they was too many people and didn't have time to make it properly. Better go to their restaurant next time.

Both of the skewers below were suppose to be spicy but just look at the difference... one cover with chilli powder while the other have barely any. 
And according to my Dad last piece on his was even raw.

The both next to the lamb skewer which I didn't try, they were actually using pre-mixed Jerk dry mix.... it's sold at $3 for that huge bottle in any supermarket (I actually have one at home). Really, couldn't they at least marinate it before hand (O_o)"

The Tornado Fries look so fun, too bad I was so full but heard they are actually opening a store soon

 There was actually another booth who was selling tornado fries and their's was actually slice per slice on the skewers (poor copier)... 
look at the picture below how the real thing look like, it's one piece all the way =D

Taiwanese Shaved Mango Ice 
Love the cute flower cut, super refreshing with the little bubbles on top was refreshing with juices squeezing out when you bite into it.
My fave buy of the day and it was only at $4 !!!

Pineapple Slush 
~ really at $7 is a ripe off since there's barely any freeze in it and you can't really eat the meat =(


  1. I usually go to Taste of Asia, but decided not to this year since I'm so tired of all those line-ups. But as you mentioned, people are just there for the ambiance and "people watching", haha.

  2. omg I thought the exact same thing about the red bean & green tea grilled toast :)

  3. @ Amy : yeah, hate line up... and there's still the Metro Sq that's move to Markham Civic Center coming up in July

    @ Food Junkie : LOL,as usual... I bet if we eat the same meal, we'll have the same comments =P

  4. Hey Kiki,

    Nice blog! I am interested in buying some clothing from ASOS (3 items: $25, $42, $93) and was wondering about the customs/duties.

    Can you please tell me how much your orders were and whether you were charged customs/duties? If so, how much was the cost of your order and customs? Should I split my orders into 3 to reduce custom fees?

    I live in Toronto to and have been to TOA this week too! Food was great@!


  5. I would def recommend you separate all your purchase since they have free shipping.... I haven't been charged for customs for any purchase below $50 but I did get charged for at least 30% for the $90-$100 purchase. So I'll recommend you only buy cheaper items since the 30% is really too much cause items from Europe tends to get tax more than items from US.