Thursday, June 16, 2011


I love Indian food but mostly bought take out and this was my first time going to an Indian restaurant in Toronto. As usual I bump into a dealfind coupon and read some review.... here I am at Kamasutra a few weeks later.

Better decor than I have expected =P

Feel like wine wouldn't really go with curry so ordered beer instead.
Ben decided to be adventurous and order an Indian Beer.... it was sort of strange tasting, a bit herb-y spicy tasting and really not my cup of beer O_o"

I stick with one of my good old favorite : Stella Artois

Supper yummy complimentary basket of warm yummy garlic naan

Prawns Pakoras
~ Tiger prawns deep fried in a batter of Indian herbs and spices served w/ tamarind chutney
This was recommended by our waiter, we weren't so sure about it at first and thought he just recommend the more expensive stuff. But as soon as it arrive we thought it was well worth the $15.95 since we got 6 huge fresh tiger prawns. The batter was thin but pack with so much flavor and the spice pair perfectly with the sweet tamarind chutney.

Cucumber Raita & Mango Chutney
These are side recommended to us to calm down our taste buds when it gets too spicy.

Bombay Bakra
~ Diced Lamb simmered karahi style in a fricassee of sliced onions, ginger, green pepper, tomatoes, green chilies and black cumin
This was a 3 chilies hot and there's only one other dish that has 4 chillies and the server told us most people can't handle it.... and since it was our first time there, we were scared so we decided to order level 3 to try out. This was ok spicy but really really super flavorful and yet the lamb natural flavor still coming through which goes perfectly with the Basmati rice (I find that some curry goes better with rice and some better with naan)

Butter Chicken
~ tender chicken cubes cooked with light cream, tomato & fenugreek (it's a spice)
Yes I ♥ butter chicken and since it's our first time here, I just have to try this =P
I found the chicken relatively dry but love the sauce and was so good with the naan... super creamy smooth goodness =D

Freshly made Naan, super yummy good with the slight charred flavor w/ no oil
(hate when other places served super oily naan and I would keep thinking it's made from frozen and fried to cook)

Great quality Basmati Rice, small tiny whole pieces

Ras Malai 
~ cream cheese flat cakes soaked in sweet milk syrup garnished with pistachio
I'm really not sure about this dessert, the cheese itself came soaking deep in the sweet milk... the milk was relatively sweet but came cold so it was very refreshing palette cleanser after such a spicy dinner... but the "cream cheese" was a whole different story, it has a very grainy texture, almost spongy weird tofu texture (>_<)"
Still, we didn't regret ordering this since it was really different and have never tried this before but we'll definitely not order this again =P

Verdict :
Will def. go back when I crave for good authentic Indian food .
Highly recommend 

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  1. Everything looks amazing at this restaurant :) Regret not getting the voucher! I heart Indian food sooo much but I do not like their dessert ^^

  2. tried several times of Indian food, and it upsets my stomach every single time so i quit. hah
    had that dessert before, felt like swallowing some kind of soap...><

  3. @Carmen: I do have that problem too so I try to eat less most of the time or just take a TUMS afterwards =D

  4. @Food junkie: yeah, i still haven't had an Indian dessert to this day that I liked.... a bit too sweet =P