Friday, June 24, 2011

Wedding @ Old Mill Inn

Went to a friend's wedding 2 weeks ago at The Old Mill Inn which was such a gorgeous location, one of the few that you could find in the city. The weather was also great which allow the ceremony to take place outside

Can you make of the letter on the cake... it a A and a H combine together and it took me a while to figure it out =P

 I wore the outfit here to this wedding (^_^)

Food was not that great, I prefer Chinese wedding fare cause normally better quality for your $$$

way too sweet soup

As usual the meat was way overcooked

At least you can't go wrong with fruits

Their cake was super yummy, surprisingly not sweet with a bit of tang from the fruit inside which I'm not sure what it is (berry? cheery? grapes?)
♥ it, best wedding cake I've had not that I had been to a lot of weddings =P

 Ok, wedding is not about food but for the celebration of love and the best part of the night is when the groom surprise the bride with a serenade of "Just the Way You Are" on the piano.
So cute & romantic o(^_^)o

This is the most hours I have ever spend at a wedding, we arrive at around 4pm when the ceremony started and we dance away until 2:30am =P

And of course there was open bar and we had quite a bit of shots with the couple at the end =D


  1. AH! My best friend is getting married at the Old Mill Inn in October :)

  2. October will be cold, so I guess not outside wedding

  3. i was there for a wedding just a couple months was a really small wedding since the couple was gonna have another wedding in England...anyways the food was great except for a few stuff but maybe cause the amount of guest was smaller so they were able to give more attention to the food

    either way Old Mill is a very nice place for an intimate wedding