Monday, June 6, 2011

The Rainbow Room (Niagara Falls)

As I've mention here, my deal for the hotel gave me a $40 coupon for dinner at the hotel's restaurant The Rainbow Room by Massimo Capra. I originally thought how bad could Massimo's restaurant be since I love Fraticelli's. But oh my.... if not for the view I'll be very very un-happy (>_<). The old and passe, def need a face lift...

I thought for a tourist attraction like this, they would have a better wine list especially to promote some of our local Ontario wine.... but there was barely 5 Red and 3 White to choose from.
Horrible wine selection and the one that we never had was horrible =(

The best part of the night may be the complimentary bread that was hot and fresh served with a spicy chilli flakes, hummus,  balsamic vinegar and olive oil mixture

 Warm Peaches and Cheese
~ Caramelized Niagara Peaches, St Andres Cheese, Prosciutto Di Parma, Olive Crostini, Nicoise Lettuse, Micro Greens, Peach Vinaigrette
We were still a bit full after our lunch at Buffalo that we decided to share an app and we choose this one since it seems the most interesting among the boring and limited selection.
The description sounded great but I was totally shock when it arrives (>_<)
Look at this, the peaches definitely look it came from a can and where's the "caramelized" part?!?
The prosciutto and cheese was nothing special either and you could basically buy everything from your regular supermarket. Really canned peaches ?!?

Pasta Pomodoro
~ Hand rolled pasta, Grilled Vegetables, Parmesan Tuile
First time eating this pasta and I really like the slightly firmer texture.

Maple Glazed Pork Chop
~ Seared center cut double cut pork chop w/ pan juices, cabbage succotash, endive and apple salad
The pork chop itself was moist but a bit bland and the sauce was overly salty soy sauce that they didn't mention on the menu.... yes soy sauce, hate those fusion type of dishes... when soy sauce is use as a sauce like that, it needs to cook down with oil and sugar.... no good, hate fusion once again

Since both wine and food wasn't that great, we decided to skip dessert =(
The best part of the meal was the amazing view 

Traffic on Rainbow Bridge

Verdict :
Great View, overpriced, so so Service & Food
If not for the coupon I could prefer going down to Boston Pizza =P


  1. How horrible :( Canned peaches is unacceptable!

  2. yup, I still can't get over it even the pasta was ok

  3. wow great view but definitely so sad to hear they served you peaches from a can...i agree completely unacceptable