Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Centre Street Deli

Center Street Deli have been my go to place for smoked meat sandwich for many years... do I need to say more?!? This deli was established back in 1988 and known for serving traditional deli fare in Thornhill area and I still have yet to find better tasting smoked meat in the GTA area. I keep coming back and ordering the same things over and over again, so sorry for not being able to comment on other dishes other than the following =P

Smoked Whitefish Spread
This is really good, slightly salty but not fishy tasting at all with a very smooth creamy texture. This is perfect and very refreshing. I normally order this or the chopped liver which is equally good. And if you never had Matzoh Ball before, this is a great place to try.

Super freshly squeezed grapefruit juice

Old Fashioned Smoked Meat Sandwich
You can make it a special and it'll come with fries and coleslaw
This is not Schwartz's from Montreal but still very good and I do think it's the best in Toronto and please order it fat instead of lean, skip this sandwich all together if you are on a diet

The coleslaw are not the creamy type, it's only slightly dress and more vinegary and lemony than creamy which I prefer since this is so refreshing after all that meat.

 Look at how high the meat are pill up

Corned beef Sandwich
This is sooooooooooooo good, definitely my fave and again please order fat not lean. It's so flavorful meaty juicy good and I always had mine with spicy mustard

They also do take-out and catering

Verdict :
A must try, really worth your trip up to Thornhill.
♥ their corned beef sandwich

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  1. FAT > LEAN for sure. I don't get why people even ask for lean (well I do haha, just don't get it) ^_^

  2. yes pls don't order lean it's just not fair to the meat

    i luv luv luv this go to place for deli meat...i always grab takeout so i can go home and pile it high myself

    only grab corned beef and pastrami..the hot one too and a loaf of bread & dijon sauce then im good to go:)

  3. LOL... yup def not fair to the meat.
    hum, haven't try their pastrami... will have to try it next time =D

  4. I'm pretty sure you have those pictures mixed up; the ones labeled as the corned beef are actually the Montreal smoked meat, and vice versa.

  5. I LOVE this place. It's right next to where my boyfriend lives. I think the meat is comparable to the ones from schwartz in Montreal. *two thumbs up* =)