Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Pizza Junction

After reading Stella's (Food Junkie Chronicles) Diners, Drive-ins & Dives adventure, I was particularly drawn to her post for  Pizza Junction here. I swear I gain almost 10 pounds in a year following her blog and trying out the places she recommend, probably another 2 pounds for this one. Since I got the hotel deal for Niagara falls that I mention here, we decided to head down to Buffalo for Lunch and do some shopping before checking in to the Hotel later on.

 Very dated decor, just look at this place-mat with all the ads and the fake flower

Ben ordered a beer but since I know I'll be full from the beer, I skip it to leave room for the pizza

Since we went for Lunch, we only order 2 small pizza and no appetizers, both pizza being feature on Diners, Drive-ins & Dives and on Stella's blog.
 Beef on Weck Pizza
~ tender slow roasted beef with tomatoes and horseradish sauce
I'm not so sure about this pizza, the overall flavor of everything was relatively mild in flavor (even the horseradish which I expected to be stronger) but with the kosher salt on the edge was overly salty in contrast to the filling =(

 Pulled Pork Pizza
 ~ slow cooked pork with an Orange BBQ sauce
I ♥ this one a lot and it's not a surprise since I love my pull-pork sandwich =P
Ok, their pizza look really thick crust but it was fairly thin and the height was from all the fillings. Just look at the amount of pulled pork and sauce that's on the pizza

Look at the amount of pulled pork which was so tender and moist with every single piece covered with the BBQ sauce. This was so disgustingly good =P
I have to say the sauce was a bit on the salty side and almost wish there wasn't as much on it.... but it was still very good

Ok it was me, I only manage to finish 3 slices (6 slice per pizza)... yes only half of a small pizza and that's how filling it was (>_<)

Verdict :
Would def go back when I head down for another of my shopping trip
Yummy !!! 
Be Warn, you'll be full for the whole day or maybe another with the leftovers.

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  1. Heyyy thanks for the shout out Vickie! And glad that u went to Pizza Junction =D Yup Beef on Weck was not my favourite for sure, very salty edge and it just had a weird taste for me (was unsure about the horseradish sauce) but I give them props for trying to imitate the real thing but in pizza form :) The Pulled Pork Pizza is just.....awesome............*thinking back and drooling*~

  2. OMG! That looks like a pizza heaven! That pulled pork pizza looks sooo good!

  3. wow first time seeing pulled pork pizza amazing

  4. it is a must try =D
    so good, I'm drooling just thinking back, LOL
    would love to go back to try the thousand island one =P

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