Friday, September 9, 2011

est west

My co-worker have been raving about est west, a rather new Korean restaurant at First Markham Place (FMP). Since it was a week day and after a late shopping trip, decided to head someplace near for dinner and Korean cuisine is a always go to meal choice for me if I want something satisfying and affordable =D

One things I especially love about Korean food is all the different king of complimentary Side Dishes.
The ones here was very so-so but they have slices of slightly pickled mango which is a 1st at a Korean restaurant for me (normally find it in Thai or Malay food)

Buckwheat Noodle w/ cold broth
I didn't really like it, the flavor was lacking, no cold enough (at all of the other places I had this, theirs had ice in it but not this one) and the noodle was the cheap variety.
Just look at the color of the noodle, nothing compare to the yumminess I had here.

Spicy Korean Rice Cake w/ cheese
This was served on a hot plate (skillet) and was super delicious... I know, anything with cheese in it should be good (^v^). If you never had Korean rice cake before, you have to give it a try. It's very similar to Chinese Shanghai style rice cake but served in bigger pieces, a bit softer and chewier.
I use to go to Joons for my Cheesy rice cake crave but they only have the large table cooking option, now I know where to go.

Gamjatang (Pork Bone soup)
I like mine super spicy but this came barely "red", I mean the soup are usually red for these Korean soup dishes... but this one was very very mild especially for someone who love spicy food so much.

Ben took a piece and since it wasn't spicy, I didn't feel like it... so we ask our waitress to make it more spicy and after a few minutes wait, it came back like this =D
It was nice cut of bones, nice broth flavor and larger size then most.

Extra cold watermelon, what a great refreshing palette cleanser to end the meal

Verdict ;
Skip the cold noodle
Love the soup and the cheesy rice cake
Heard their Kimchi Soup is super delish as well, definitely will go back for it

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  1. Gotta leave the comment here again..the Spicy Korean Rice Cake w/ cheese looks incredibly yummy! Can't wait till I'm recovered so I can go try (I'm 5 mins away from FMP right now too :S)