Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Combine Eatery

Have heard about The Combine Eatery's fish taco. Since the so Cal fish tacos have been a big trend lately, I've be craving to give it a try for weeks since I can never make it to La Carnita's pop-up events which is mostly during lunch hour on weekdays in downtown while I work uptown =(

Each table get at least 3 choices of hot sauce and every table get different once.... Amy the owner revealed that she have over 30 different types and is always on the lookout for more. I'll have to go back just to try her other hot sauce since you know how much I like my Spicy =P

Vegetable Fritters
~ Corn, red peppers, green onions and potatoes w/ fresh salsa and sour cream for dipping
 For $7.95, this was very reasonably priced given there was 6pcs (^_^) This was serve pipping hot with a super crispy outer shell and moist inside. I'm not sure but I taste a touch of curry in it and it was so flavorful on it's own that you don't really need dipping sauce. But the salsa was so light and fresh that it's a great contrast to the hot heavier flavored fritters. ♥ this!!

So hungry, waiting for our main =P

So-Cal Fish Taco (Choice of Grilled or Fried)
The waitress recommended the grilled.... I found the whole thing very cold, wish the fish was served warm which will then be perfect with cold and refreshing pico de gallo on top (>_<) But nerveless the fish was still moist with the requisite of pretty grilled marks.
I did mention the "not-hot/warm" fish to Amy at the end and I was told that it's
very typical to serve it this way and she advice to order the fried version next time since it's fried to order and therefore served pipping hot (^_^)
The coleslaw on the side was very bland, lacking in flavor...

 Adobo Marinated Steak Burrito
 Since there's so many affordable and good burrito places in Toronto, you would have thought that Combine Eatery would have gone to great length for a better version but it was as typical as it get. 
The steak was of better quality compare to other places and was cook just right with very well balance of flavor and ratio of every ingredient. It was very good!!!

 Amy the owner who is Chinese, sat down to chat and ask our opinion, then treat us to complementary "dessert" shots (^_^) She recommended to come back next time to try the Fried fish Taco instead and the Shrimp taco (which another friend also recommended).

 Verdict :
 Will definitely go back for the fried fish and shrimp tacos before drawing my conclusion.
The Veggies Fritters is a must try but I would love to try their Twice Baked Potato Toquito.

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  1. I'm not crazy about fish tacos, but the veggie fritters and steak burrito looks amazing! Good to know that the fritters were really flavourful; I probably wouldn't dip them into the sauce though since I don't want the flavours to compete with one another.

  2. Ooo I'm excited about trying this place! :) Chinese owner too? BONUSSSS haha

  3. Heard from @chopstickhero that even the fried fish taco is not that great... so not sure if I need to go back?!? Hummm

  4. Yeah, I tried the fried fish tacos and found them to be just okay... don't want to say they were bland, but I felt like they were just missing something. I thought the shrimp tacos were better.

  5. You always have the BEST quality pics of all Toronto food blogs...always a pleasure to peruse your posts ;)

  6. Thanks Ms.Mortadella =D You made my day, glad you like it =D

  7. ooo mike wanted to organize a tweetup here but he didnt find the food as wat he had expected oh well dunno if i wanna come here anymore

  8. I heard =( The new location is even better, nth beat BBQ meat =P

    You should def do another tweetup soon =D want to see all of you people again