Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Have you join Dining Date Night yet after my post here?!? If not, you are definitely missing out since membership is free, more and more restaurant are coming on board for this 30% off deal.

I have been meaning to try Union forever but the last time I went, I forgot to make a reservation and they were fully book when I got there (>_<) So I was thrill to see Union on Dining Date Night, I immediately make for reservation for $10 for the same weekend (^v^).

 When we arrived it looks sort of empty but apparently everyone was on the patio at the back... so we took advantage of it and decided to stay inside.

 Love the bare brick walls together with the antique looking mirrors

 ♥ this blurry pic... don't know why but just loving it

Cheese Plate ~ Morbier & Pimont
This is my first time having Morbier which consist of 2 layers divided by the ash line in the middle, it's basically made by morning's milk which was very strong, pungent with a slightly bitter aftertaste  and evening milk which was a lot creamier in both texture and taste. ♥ it! 
They also had some dried grapes soaked in rum on the side and it was so strong that you can probably get drunk munching on those which is overpowering and really didn't complimented the cheese... would have prefer the normal sweeter version =P

Fried Smelts
Fresh thin crispy batter pair perfectly with the remoulade & squeeze of lemon

Smoked Beef Tortellini
~ in a truffle & purple basil cream sauce
This was creamy, melt in your mouth and the pasta was very thin.

Steak Hache a Cheval
~ freshly ground Scotch mountain beef cooked medium rare and topped w/ fried egg & Fries
I like restaurant that don't give you a choice of how well done the meat to be made.
If a dish was design to cook in a certain way and "done-ness", then it should be since cooking it under or over may change the whole dish both texture and flavor wise.
I personally found this a bit too sweet to my taste but it was super moist and flavorful and perfect with the yolk mix in =P

Blue Berry Cobbler
It was so so, nothing spectacular

Ben's Espresso w/ lemon

Verdict :
I was so sad when I notice that they don't have their Sticky Ribs cause that was one of the main reason I wanted to try Union. As per the waitress, it's one of the staple of their menu but just happen that it wasn't on that night's menu (>__<) So sad!
 I'll have to go back for the Sticky Ribs !!
Very affordable, good food, good atmosphere, great location and great service

With the $10 Dining Date Night 30% off reservation, the bill came to $126.79 including the $70 wine and tips. With 30% off the entire bill including alcohol, I can now feel less guilty ordering a whole bottle of wine when dinning out (^_^)

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  1. I need to hit up Union soon myself! It's awesome how it is one of the participating restaurants of Dining Date Night :)

  2. Mmmmm... You had me sold at FRIED SMELT. Poor little fishies. Why were they born so delicious? XD