Friday, September 2, 2011

HECHO EN MEXICO @ Kensington

After all the food from Food Truck Eats here, we decided to go for a walk at Kensington Market.
We browse around and when passing by Pancho's Bakery for some Churros. But realize that it was already made and not fried to order as the one I had here, maybe it was too late in the day already.

There was a lady who was waiting for her food in front of the Hencho en Mexico booth and she start raving about everything there and told us we have to try.
So we decided to give at least one a try since we were still stuff from here and still have dinner plans coming up. We originally wanted the Green Tostada but they didn't have enough avocado for this, so we ordered the Green Ceviche instead.
 While chatting with them, they told us that we may see them at the next Food Truck Eats... I shoud def look out for them and try their other stuff =D

We'll have to try this next time, looks good (^_^)

This was one of the very best Ceviche I ever had... super fresh fish and green tomatoes with just the right amount of tartness which goes perfectly together with the fresh creamy avocado. My only complain is that the place it piping hot and the tacos was not fried properly and wasn't crispy at all.
I will definitely go back for more =P

Just random pics =P

 Drop by to grab a cold Americano and some beans for home

 A "head" sandwich

Love the changing room in this Vintage store

Look at these dry chilis =P

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