Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Kappukeki ~ Cupcake Party

Was invited to a Cupcake Tasting Party by Kappukeki, $5 admission for all you can eat cupcake. They recently launched their facebook page and being an online made to order shop, this is the best way to put the word out. They specialize in fusion cupcake flavor and will try to accommodate as best as they could all customer request in design and flavors.

12 mini cupcake flavor was feature
~ more than 500 mini cupcakes was made that day (^v^)

I wish I didn't eat lunch before heading over since I haven't been able to taste all the flavor but I still manage to try 7 flavor =P
My fave have to be the Black Sesame and it seems to be crowd favorite as well since it was the first flavor to be gone (^_^)
 Their cupcake was made with cream instead of the usual butter cream which make it a lot lighter and made less sweet to accommodate the "Chinese" palette.
Due to the amount of cupcake needed for the event, only vanilla and chocolate cake base was available with the different flavor toppings (>_<). Although it was made perfectly moist and yummy, I find it rather boring when that happen and gives it a rather homemade feel instead of something you want to pay for. Hope they'll work on matching the base with the cream/icing for their next tasting event.

 Another thing is there wasn't any labels or sign of which flavor is which and they were all placed randomly. It look nice but it would be great if on one side, they had each flavor separated and labeled.


  1. My favourites were the black sesame and mango! :D

  2. All you can eat cupcakes. Very nice! They all look so adorable. Black sesame? Hope they open up a shop... I love black sesame anything!

  3. Mmmm... black sesame should be on everything. I am so jealous right now.

  4. I'll let you gurls know when they have another of these events and we can all go together =D

    Jess: The take order throu fb and email

  5. ok where was I when there's green tea and bkack sesame?! haha

    i went to a similar event in Vancouver and there was a neopolitan cupcake that tasted just like the ice cream! delish.

  6. lemme know too pls...OMG soooo jealous lucky u