Thursday, September 15, 2011

What's wrong with you ?

That will be my "no thinking" oufit for the summer, I wore this for a relaxing Sunday running errands... that is after a gelato here and a latte here =P

The spiky bracelet, the double ring + cage ring will probably be the most "punk" I could go... maybe I should try the look of the girl on the shirt =P

Outfit Details: 
Tank (sale rack for $10) - ZARA; Shorts, Rings & Bracelet - F21; Shoes - Converse;  
Handbag - Coach Outlet


  1. Hey, I can teach you how to look punk! Haha, jk. The good ole rocker days are over for me, sigh. But I love that tank top and ring!

  2. Really... you should show me a picture of you being punk, can't really imagine it =P

  3. Haha I know right? But back in university, I was extremely into J-rock and Visual Kei... so yeah, I was really into black and Vivienne Westwood accessories, haha. Still kind of am.

  4. I still really want the "nana" Vivienne Westwood rings =P

  5. I have the silver armour ring. It's good to punch people with, haha.