Sunday, September 11, 2011

Concrete Waterfall

Have been meaning to come by the Sherbourne Common by Waterfront but haven't had the opportunity until after our visit to Against the Grain here. Isn't it pretty and with the blue lighting it so pretty and the water also cool down the temperature relatively, so it very nice to hand out there. 

Not only it's pretty, it also features a number of sustainability practice ad quoted from their website: "Examples of sustainability features incorporated into the park’s design include easy access to public transportation, storage for bicycles and other alternative means of transportation, reduction of light pollution, water efficient landscaping as well as renewable energy sources for the park’s Pavilion. The Pavilion will also be pursuing LEED Gold certification for the building which is in line with Waterfront Toronto’s mandatory Green Building Requirements."

Got this dress on sale for $10, isn't it a great outfit for a girls dinner night?!
It's my 2nd attempt at color blocking after here and what a great way to do color blocking when someone already did it for you...
no need to worry if the color actually go since it should be since it's sold like that (^_^)

Outfit Details: 
Dress (sale rack for $10) -H&M; Double rings in gold and silver - F21
Shoe - Aldo; Bracelet & Clutch - ASOS

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