Friday, September 30, 2011

La Bamboche

It's been more than a year that I have been meaning to come to La Bamboche after hearing so many great things from so many people. It just happen to be mid town and I'm rarely there during day time, normally head to that area for dinner only =P 

OMG, I just want to try them all and their prices are very reasonable, even on the lower side compare to many other similar dessert/cake places. 
I'll definitely come back for the whole cake for next gathering (^_^)

Their macarons display wasn't the prettiest but they tasted so good and I still can't decide which one is my favorite out of the 6 flavors I got =P The only one I didn't like was the Lavender since I find the flavor too strong. I was also surprise that they actually tell you what the Mystery flavor was, I thought you have to figure it out and isn't that why it's call mystery flavor?!?
I think this is my fave macaron place from now on, not as sweet as the other places I've tried and it has a much creamier and lighter center (compare to the one here, here and here). It was so good ♥

Pain au Chocolat
Yummy, buttery and flacky..... perfect late lunch =D

And even their coffee was very good... Latte, perfect with the pain au chocolat

Even this Sundried tomatoes, spinach and Swiss cheese Quiche was so good

Need to try this next time since you may already know by now,  I love anything passion fruit

~ White Chocolate & tofu cream, edamame puree and a green tea cookie base.
I normally don't like anything white chocolate since I find it way too sweet, but this one was so light and refreshing and I can barely taste any sugar..... the edamame puree was so refreshingly and the natural sweetness actually came through.... Love the texture and flavor a lot =P

 Opera au Cassis
 ~ Almond joconde is topped with layers of soft cassis ganache, cassis chocolate & cassis buttercream
The cassis flavor was intense with the perfect balance of sour, sweet and melt in your mouth creaminess. It just tasted as good as it looks (^v^)

I should probably try their bread next time since everything was so good =P

Verdict :
Love the not-so-sweet cakes here and the macarons are to die for.
Will have to go to their new location on Avenue Rd to try their brunch
♥♥♥ this place and I'll def. come back again and again

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  1. Now you know why I love La Bamboche so much :D If we hung out earlier, I would've invited you to the La Bamboche brunch tweetup I organized a few months ago!I can't believe they told you what the mystery macaron is?! Both Karen and I kept bugging them about it but they wouldn't tell us >=( So what was the mystery macaron? :D

  2. Don't they change the mystery flavor often ?!? It was Strawberry cream =D Sort of pinking color cream inside....

    Yup love love love this place... I will go back for sure

  3. Even as a guy, I have to say this place is really good.

  4. Yup, I'm sure they change the mystery macaron often but I was still curious about the one you tried, haha. For sure mine wasn't strawberry. The entire macaron was white and tasted familiar, but couldn't figure out what it was!

  5. Yah, this place is up the street from my office. I like the sandwiches and quiches they serve at lunch. Yumm!

  6. yea like amy said they wouldnt tell us wat the mystery flavor was and amy organzied the tweetup too...soooo mean oh well

    glad u finally got to try out bamboche now it's makin me wanna return soon

    luv luv luv their macarons and cakes mmmmmmmmmmm