Monday, September 19, 2011


Have heard so much about Fishbar since they are very active on twitter (@_fishbar). I finally made it there this past Saturday. As we enter the restaurant, I immediately like the decor, simple yet so many cute touches and bare brick wall (yes, me and my brick wall addiction).

Love the how the light cast on the brick wall, just so pretty (^_^)

The have a very affordable wine list and some seafood inspired cocktails such as Octo'pussy Martini with Oyster and Shrimp Caesar Cocktail. 
They also have IZUMI sake but since we didn't like it last time we try at their brewery here, we ordered a bottle of white instead. Hope they will have more Sake selection in the future.

Daily selection of Oysters 

Got 4 out of 6 types, 2 each and it was super fresh & delicious
I normally only like my Oysters with a squeeze of lemon but I just can't resist the fresh horseradish

Salmon Tartare
~ wild sockeye salmon, soy, apple, shiso, house made crackers
Just like the tartare I had here, there was way too much soy sauce and was way too salty. Just as a lot of other non-asian restaurant, the soy sauce use in dishes are way too salty. Although the fish was very fresh and in the perfect size, the salty soy sauce just ruin it... maybe try low sodium soy sauce?!?
The house made cracker was thin as air but it doesn't help that the tartare was so salty, you'll want something more substantial to bite into.

Fishbar Sashimi
~ Mackerel, pickled plums, honey wasabi
This was very good given that it's a non-Japanese restaurant but it doesn't justified the amount of mackerel for $14 compare to the one from here ($8) and here.
Just look at the soy sauce dish to give you a better idea how small the portion was.

Steelhead Trout Rillette
~ house made pickles and crostini
That's probably my favorite dish of the night and best value for $8 and the little jar is just so cute.
It looks tiny but it holds more than you think (^v^) I love how this still have chucks of fish instead of the too creamy version and the crostini was toasted just right (you know what I mean when some cut your mouth)

Codfish Brandade
~ butter chives, crostini
I didn't know what Brandade was and had to ask, so just in case you don't know either; it's an emulsion of salt cod and oil eaten with bread or potatoes.
This was my 2nd favorite of the night and want can go wrong with a buttery dip =P
This was so creamy smooth and buttery and perfect on top of the yummy crispy crostini which is perfect for a bread lover like me =D

Catrina Bay Scallops
~ humita, chorizo oil
This was the only recommendation from the owner among the hot dishes. I was expecting 1 or 2 large scallops but instead we got a bunch of tiny ones =P
The humita puree was very yummy sweet and the scallops itself had such a perfect sear crust and was cook just right... it's almost like dessert came earlier =P

Grilled Swordfish
~ harpoon caught, peperonata
Again the perfect seared and the still raw centered, this was a great alternative to the usual seared tuna.

Chocolate Brownie, Onatario Cherry Jam, Vanilla Ice Cream
That's what I call vanilla ice cream where you can actually see the black dots. The brownie was warm and the red peppercorn on top was such a surprise and everything just goes so well together. The texture of the warm gooyee slightly bitter brownie, the soft sweet soft cherries in the middle, the cold vanilla-y ice cream with a surprise kick from the crispy peppercorn.. it's just so perfect adn our only task was to get a bit of everything in each bite (^_^)

Verdict :
Portion are extremely small for what I paid
We were tempted to go next door to Pizza Libretto for pizza afterwards but it was still packed .
(for what I paid for a small dish here, I could have got an entire pizza)
Everything was extremely good except for the overly "soy-sauced" tartare.
I would go back for sure but probably arrange a late lunch before that =P
 And did I mention that the service was excellent even on a full house (^v^)

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  1. Honestly you like it but your taste buds don't like salt, perhaps you are sensitive, I've had the tartare and it was perfect! As far as price goes, remember 1 thing, you're essentially eating flour and yeast at libretto, please font compare sustainable fish to bread because you've already lost, before you do your own comments you should read what real writers are saying because the writers that matter love Fishbar and so do I. Fishbar please doing what you do, i love you Fishbar and I will be back again and again and again!


  2. Joseph: Thanks for commenting... maybe I wasn't clear, I love fishbar a lot, just want to warn others that the portion is rather small unless you are willing to spend quite a bit of money there and get more dishes cause I know a lot of people would have left hungry (ppl like my boyfriend, he wasn't full but he still love the food)... I frankly felt there was way too much soy sauce on our tartare, maybe it's a mishap or frankly my personal taste

  3. Some people like more salt, some people like less salt. It was pretty obvious that kiki was not comparing Libretto and Fishbar but merely making a point that the two establishments are close and she wasn't full and thought of popping in for some pizza.

    I'm a blogger myself and I never claim to be a food writer but I think what you said about "you should read what real writers are saying because the writers that matter love Fishbar" is pretty offensive. People are entitled to their own opinion whether or not they are writers to begin with, and for you to stress that "writers that matter love Fishbar and so do I"? That must be the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard! Not everybody has to like the same thing as you!

  4. 'Writers that matter'? what kind of standards are you using for this concept plus who are you to say who matters and who don't? Everyone has different taste and opinions and are free to express it however they want. Its great that you love fishbar so much but don't be promoting it on someone's personal blog.

  5. I agree with both food junkie and cant say shit like that

    this is kiki's opinion and she can say whatever she likes

    Joseph it's a freakin blog for heaven's sake not a critic's review...nobody here claim to be a so-called "real writer"

    it's her own personal blog and it's infuriating that you would post a comment like this on her blog...seriously dude u should be watching wat u comment on ppl's blog

  6. btw kiki love your post keep up the great work regardless of wat ppl say:)