Friday, September 16, 2011

Spin Dessert Cafe

Have been meaning to visit Spin Dessert Cafe for a while but as you may know by now that my "to-eat" list is way too long... so I haven't been until I got a Dealicious deal for the new Yonge location. Nothing beat desserts to cheer me up on a gloomy stormy night... although we got all wet at the end of the night, we left with a super stuffed tummy. If you got that $40 coupon as I did, please make sure you go with at least 2 friends since really 2 person spending the $40 on dessert is a bit much =P

I just realize that they don't have their menu online, so I may get the name wrong (>_<)

"Rolo"way Latte
warm, thick chocolate, caramel heart warming drink =P

Mango Vodka Smoothies, a cocktail made with ice cream and I must say quite a bit of vodka =P
Dessert & Booze in one, it's a really good start (^_^)

Chipotle Chicken Crepe
Ben wanted a Savory crepe since he can't have dessert as dinner =P
The crepe itself was delish but find the the stuffing lack of flavor throughout, there was way too much romaine, could barely taste the chipotle and too little salsa and cheese....

Cookie batter Ice Cream and Brownie Waffle
The waffle was served warm and it was super fluffy and fragrant, the smell just waft up to you and you just can't wait to dig in... but I have to say that the presentation was not as good as I expected =(
But it was very delishious, you just need a bit of everything in each bite =P The waffle was so good that I wish there was more of it instead of the ice cream. I would have been totally content with just the waffle and the warm fudge but of course the ice cream and brownies was a plus =P

After all these, we made our calculation and realize that we haven't reach $40 yet... so we decided to order another crepe, while I wanted to try something sweet, Ben want another Savory Crepe (>_<)

This time, we decided to be less adventurous and stick with the classic :  
Prosciutto, sour cream, feta & Spinach Crepe
 This was much better than the first one, definitely better meat, cheese and veggies ration and way cheesier (^_^) 
But once again the presentation was lacking and it looks so flat and ugly on the plate (>_<)

This new Yonge location is rather small and narrow and is definitely not as spacious as the original one in Queensway

Verdict :
Would definitely go back to try their Sweet Crepe and maybe have another of their smoothie cocktail.
The waffle and ice cream are really delicious as well

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  1. I have not tried any of their savoury crepes! It does look a bit boring. I guess it may be harder to make savoury crepes look more interesting...I mean savoury ingredients probably cost more so if they stuff it it may get expensive...or what can you decorate savoury crepes with? Surely not whipped cream lol...maybe some sauce? Yeah...definitely they couldve had some drizzle of some sauce....ok sorry I'm rambling~ Great post! :)

  2. Love your rambling =P Hahaaaa, so cute.
    But overall it's really good, but the savory crepe I had at Brickwork is still the best I had... But I'll go back for the sweet crepe or another waffle =D