Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mickey's Pizza

I finally made my way to Mississauga for Mickey's Pizza after hearing about their goodness form Food Junkie more than a year ago and immediately after the first bite, I wish I went earlier (^_^)

So many choices given that you can choose your own topping as well.

Each pizza are made to order

The rotating Hickory Pizza Oven which allow to cook the crust (from the bottom) in high temperature for a crispy crust with the "light" on top which toast the surface/cheese
(only the thin crust are made on this open oven)

We ordered 2 of their small deep dish signature pizza : #9 & #10

#9 Philly Cheese Steak
~ Steak, Meatball, Caramelized Onions, Cheese Blend and BBQ sauce
This is my fave out of the 2; just love the combination of flavor, the meat, the gooyee cheese, sweet onion and love the BBQ sauce... a good change to tomato or pesto sauce.

#10 Mango Tango
~ Chicken, Caramelized Onions, Mango, Hot Peppers, sprinkled with Garam Masala
Love the sweet and spicy combination here.... the flavor here is not as strong as #9 but still very delish

 look at all the cheesy oily goodness

Our Drinks

 The have quotes from reviews all over the place and here's my fave foodie's 
Chronicles of a Food Junkie and thanks to her I have a new addiction =P

Verdict :
Small pizza but packed a punch, I'm full after only 2 slice
This is now on my "Comfort Food" list from now on... definitely not the healthiest thing to eat but a really great treat, a pick-me-up
In ♥ , will have to go back to try their Stuffed Pizza =P

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  1. that's a bit frightening .. the thickness reminds me of deep dish pizza hut style, and i find that to be way too heavy for me ..
    neapolitan thin pie fluffy crust for me pls (queen margherita pizza or libretto)

  2. LOL, I had always love my thin crust and Libretto is my fave of all time no question ask... but this is a good change once in a while and 1-2pcs is all you need of this delicious goodness =P