Friday, January 6, 2012


Got a Dealicious coupon back in June and it's only last month that we made it to Insomnia to use it.This is my second time here, we came back in August for a Brunch Tweetup organized by Karen from Eat Here Next (see her post here).

It actually look a lot better at night with all the lights, it's a lot warmer looking which suits the decor much better.

Ask for extra spicy for my Bloody Caesar and it was, I think they dip the rim in hot sauce before covering it with the celery salt and love the large amount of horseradish as well =P

Panko Encrusted Curried Crab Cake $8
Served with a chipotle vinaigrette which is different that your usual tartar sauce. This is not fully packed of crab meat and not fresh one at that but it was very flavorful, moist with a crunchy outside.
$8 for 4pcs, I can't ask for more =D

3/4 Lb of Mussels $10
~ Served in a light white wine cream sauce with baby spinach
This was a great change to the lighter white or red wine sauce, the cream just make it comfort food material and you just can't help but dip the bread into the sauce... and love the added spinach which goes perfectly with the cream sauce. By the time we were done, I think there wasn't a drop of sauce left on the plate (wipe clean) =P

Cheese Plate for Two $15
Love 2 out of the 3 cheese, it definitely wasn't anything high end but very good choice and quality, not to mention huge portion. But I find pita doesn't go that well with cheese (for dips maybe), I would prefer bread or crackers.

Mac & Cheese
Good, warm gooyee comforting, especially for the colder weather.
Love the crispy breadcrumb top

Avocado Grilled Chicken Sandwich $10
~ w/ melted Brie & red onion
Love this one, the chicken was surprisingly moist and love all the creaminess of the avocado and brie, then the red onions just gave it a bit of crunch and kick

forgot what it was call but it was a dark chocolate flourless cake with very intense espresso flavor
♥ it

And did I mention our waitress was super pretty, the 60s pin-up girl look (^_^)

Verdict :
Very affordable price, large portion, great service and great atmosphere
Will be back soon for it's super thick "bake" pancake

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  1. Hi, I enjoy reading your blog and the pix are fantastic but you don't put the addresses of restaurants you visit. Yes I know to google it but its the convience factor.

  2. I thought the same thing about the mussels..its such a nice change from the normal white/red wine sauce that every restaurant serves :) I got the same server too....her name is Roberta...she is THE BEST SERVER EVER (check out what I wrote about her here lol She is a staple at Insomnia :)

  3. I alwasy thought that people will click on to the link of the restaurant website to check out mre if they are interested (cause I do) =P But I'll try to post the address in the future. Thanks for reading and teh suggestion

    Stella : Yup remember reading it =D