Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fuel House (new snack menu)

I sign up for Fuel House email list when they first open and as a appreciation, they send me an invite to try out their new Snack Menu for free last Thursday. And obviously the place was pack and I only got a reservation for 8:30... we are still in since it`s free and we love it last time we were there (post here). Just love their logo, so can`t resist to copy it post it here, btw their website is up and they have really pretty pictures of their sandwiches, you'll want to rush there as soon as you take a look at it  =P

It was still full when we arrive starving and it took a while to get served

The Free new Snack Menu of the night, we were allow to order whatever we wanted and we were ask to give our honest opinion ♥

House Pate Plate
The pate was good, I like the "not-too-smooth" texture (still with bits & pieces) but it was on the sweet side... my problem was that the pickles was on the sweet side instead of sour and the mustard was also on the sweet side instead of spicy... Just too much sweet here (>_<)

Fried Quail
It was cook/fried just right, it was moist with very thin batter but I though it wasn't marinated enough and the seasoning was sweet. I think quail taste much better with salt but maybe I'm bias since Chinese do dip theirs in a mixture of salt & pepper =P

Lamb Liver Crostinis
It was lightly seasoned, letting the liver's own flavor to shine through and it was also cook to perfection. ♥ this one, we were fighting who should eat the 3rd one =P

 Octopus & Chorizo Stew
My fave dish from the new snack menu, it was super tender, moist, flavorful and comforting. You really need to go try it out for yourself (^_*)

Fish Tacos (regular menu)
Love all the flavor and love the toasted extra crispy shell.... but wish the piece of fish a bit bigger, with all the strong incredible texture and flavor, you can barely taste the fish which should have been the star of the dish

Poutine w/ Pork Belly (regular menu)
Remember how I raved about their poutine and the yummy fatty pork belly in my last post here.
But they were sold out of pork belly (NO!!! end of the world)
 The poutine was still delish with the insane amount of cheese curd and gravy ♥

We end up ordering 2 more things before dessert (pigs) =P

Pulled Turkey (regular menu)
~ Slow Roasted Turkey in a Coffee BBQ sauce
This was delish, to my surprise the turkey wasn't dry at all although it's a lot leaner than your regular pulled pork. And the sauce was great and plentiful, the way I like it

Bacon wrap Jalapenos stuffed w/ goat cheese (free snack menu)
You probably know how much I like spicy food and this one is very spicy and I like it. Roasting the jalepenos bring out the sweetness and spiciness which pair perfectly with the salty bacon and creamy cheese which sort of help "calm down" the spiciness at the same time

 We also had white wine by the glass but I wish they had more beer choices and have maybe 1 or 2 cocktails available as well

Bread Pudding (regular menu)
It was served warm and surprisingly simply especially compare to what other restaurant are servings with all kind of ingredients and sauces.... But I fell in love, it was less sweet with a very custard-y taste to it with chunks of bread still visible

Verdict :
Just as my first post.......
Friendly attentive service, unpretentious good food
Love it even more now that there's more choices... will be back =D

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