Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fuel House

I realize on my night having dinner here that Fuel House was just across the street and it`s basically a cute little house that was just adorable (btw, love the stripes). I have heard so many good things about this place that I noted to myself that I'll have to come back very soon. Finally we went this past Sunday for a late lunch before our intense Christmas Shopping (^_^)

 Fuel House is small, unpretentious and just downright welcoming.... it's like crashing at a friend's house and he/she is the perfect cook =D

They have a very little sun room at the front that host a very small table which was very cute and perfect if you want some privacy during dinner time, perfect for a party of 6-8 =D

There was a cute little fireplace right underneath our table

Oh and they have Beau's on-tap ♥

Fried Pickles
The batter was super crispy thin and the pickles was hot enough yet there was still quite a firm texture to itThe pickle was just right, not too sour/vinegary. Perfect !!! 

Pork Belly Bahn Mi
~ Pork Belly Confit + Pickled Veg + Cilantron + Hoisin Sesame
There's so much buzz about this that I just have to try this but it wasn't really up to my expectation. The pork belly was really too little for the bun although it tasted great, the bun was cold and didn't really go with the pork belly which I would have prefer they had use some sort of baguette like the traditional Bahn Mi. Oh and didn't taste the sesame part of the Hoisin Sesame.

Poutine w/ Pork Belly
This was the highlight of the day, this is what my perfect poutine would be. Yummy fries, awful lot of gravy that has the perfect consistency and flavor, humongous pieces of cheese curds and the added fatty pork belly with some crispy bits. It's just OMG good =P

Calamari Po' Boy
~ Buttermilk marinated, Fried Calamari with Pickled Onions & Remoulade Sauce
Love this one, the calamari was so soft, perfect together with the crunchy pickled onions and the remoulade sauce. I'll have another one of these in a heart beat.

Verdict :
Friendly attentive service, unpretentious good food
Will be back, maybe for dinner next time (^_^)

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