Thursday, December 29, 2011

Loui`s Kouzina

Loui`s Kouzina is hidden, small Greek family owned restaurant in the plaza at Woodbine and 16th. I can`t believe I never notice this place before since I do come to this plaza for Lunch quite often. They have an open kitchen where you can see all the food being prepare although the counter remind me of take-out places which I bet it is especially during Lunch hour.

I really can't take credit in choosing this place this time =P It was a dinner with two friends who bought their little baby with them, so this was a rather kid friendly restaurant that the pretty mummy choose. The service was very friendly and attentive, the lovely lady keep coming back to see if we were ok although she was by herself and super busy.

Village Salad (small)
Plenty of feta cheese and not overly dressed like most places.

~ appetizers, 2 quails marinated and grilled to order.

Pork Souvlaki Large Platter
This probably the best pork souvlaki I have ever had, it was charred on the outside while the inside was super moist. Most of the ones I had are normally incredible dry or less dry at best. The one here was perfect, love the smoky charred exterior and the super flavorful moist interior. The portion was quite large as well and even Ben had difficulty finishing it and it came with a side salad that we both had to pack it home

Grilled Lamb Chop
I like mine medium rare and it was cook just right. Juicy, flavorful and slightly charred goodness. It's obvious that it was cooked on an open flame grill which make a huge difference

Both the pork and the lamb came with a side salad and all 3 of us had to pack it home.

~ layers of potato, ground beef, zucchini and eggplant w/ bechamel sauce
It's specified on the menu that it's Made in House and the freshness definitely show.... the layers and layers is a beauty on it's own and it was seasoned just right so that each layers of veggies can be tasted and their sweetness shine through. Also love how the thin layer of sauce which was baked together forming a beautiful golden yellow top layer instead of just pouring the sauce on top. And it was served pipping hot which I love (bad experience in other Greek restaurant where it was served rather cold/room temperature)

Verdict :
Great Find, will be back since it's very closeby
My friend also recommend I come back for Brunch which I will
Great Food & Great Service 
This is my current favorite Greek place for Pork Souvlaki

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  1. I will try to hit up this place the next time I'm in uptown :) Great find (well props to your friends lol) and thanks for posting this hidden gem!

  2. The portion is quite large, i would probably order one large plate plus maybe 2-3 individual souvlaki to share between the two of us