Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Burger's Priest

I finally made my way to the much talk about The Burger's Priest on a Saturday 2 weeks ago. I know the place is small but didn't expected it to be that small... the place was packed and the line was through the door (>_<) It was so cold that day, so I was wishing that to grab a seat inside and be able to take some pictures of the pretty burgers but all there was, was a few stools by the wall which are all already taken.... so we end up eating in the car and I swear that the whole car smell of the burger and fries the entire day.

Behind the scene, look at the fresh patties

The Priest
(Cheeseburger + The Option)
As I've mention on my recent visit here to more recently open Holy Chuck, both places have been compared and I understand that a lot of people prefer Burger's Priest better. 
The Option (cheese stuffed portobello) was really way better since the stuffing was lighter which made the mushroom itself shine through but it was a mess to eat, dripping everywhere. The burger itself was moist but had a more crumbly texture which didn't have as good texture and less meat flavor packed compare to Holy Chuck's.

The Vatican
~ 2 beef patties in between 2 grilled cheese sandwiches
Compare to the Cowlorie from Holy Chuck here, the grilled cheese here was way too salty which made it way too heavy and so salty that the beef taste took a back seat.

Chili Cheese Fries
Fries was so-so, nothing special

Verdict :
Battle of Burger = Holy Chuck WIN !!!!
The only thing I like more about Burger Priest is The Option 
I prefer the patties, the grilled cheese and the fries from Holy Chuck.
And Holy Chuck win all over because of their super yummy gourmet Milkshakes and with seating available whereas Burger's Priest is mostly for take out only which is not very convenient especially in the winter.

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  1. Love your post. I've been hearing from others that Holy Chuck is better than Burgers Priest too (I've been to neither but will visit both for sure). You gotta try Goody's in Scarborough too :)

  2. Great post! I was afraid that there was something wrong since my bookmark wasn't working.

    The summer isn't all that much better since it's pretty hot in there even with the doors wide open! Holy Chuck feels like they have fleshed out their menu more while BP still keep much of their other burgers on a secret menu. The inconvenience factor alone would steer me to go to Holy Chuck more often. I need a place where I can sit down and enjoy the food. :(

    Here is a good article from @karonliu with a lineup of some of the tastiest / craziest burgers in town! :)

  3. By the way Vickie, I noticed your posts are not updating on my blogger reading list (your last post was the megalomaniac one). For example, if you go to my page to my blogroll, your blog shows that as the last update and not this Burger's Priest post.

  4. Sorry, cause I realize a few weeks ago that I have my web add kikisbbf instead of kikisbff

    Please save this new link from now on :

    Oh yeah, Goody's which is on the list was on my list to go next =P

  5. great post. i've had both burger's priest and holy chuck. both are good. however, i still prefer the priest burger over the comparable one at holy chuck. the holy chuck portobello was too crispy and the lemon mayo was way too sour. didn't like. but the saving burger at holy chuck is the grind n shine (fried egg in it). it's awesome.

  6. i would suggest getting a normal double at BP, with "smoke" (panko-fried jalapenos), and the works (lettuce, tomato, pickle, ketchup, mustard, mayo, onion).
    i find that the portabello mushroom/option and the grilled cheese add-on steal away the natural texture and flavour of the burger meat. the double, by itself, melts in your mouth, you don't even need to chew.

  7. moo : Thanks for the recommendation =D Didn't know of the "smoke" which I would love to try.

  8. Here is a comparo I did of Holy Chuck to BP

    Nice space with good seating, flat screen on the wall, a comfy place to eat so you don’t have to eat in your car +1 HC
    Service was good and prompt, no long line +1 HC

    Bun – I would call this a draw. Both use basically a wonder bread bun. Draw
    Meat - This is a pretty tough call. The meat was good. I would say on par with BP. Flavour was similar and also no additives. Just meat and salt. BUT IMHO there was a touch too much salt. This is the kind of thing that can be a bit different each time depending on who prepares it. I just felt it was a touch to salty, and have never felt that about BP. +1 BP (but not by much)
    Toppings – I had their signature one which is just processed cheese fried onions and Bacon – Bacon was not as good as BP. Onions were good. Cheese was processed cheese. BUT IMHO there was too much cheese for the burger and was left with the overwhelming flavour of cheese as being dominant in the sandwich. +1 BP
    Fries – crispy well done as I like them. Again maybe too much salt (maybe it is just me) Draw

    Cooked to order? - Really good job here. Ordered Medium Rare – received exactly med rare. Juicy pink and slightly red meat. +1 HC
    Price – I suppose the best way to put it, is that neither is a real value. DBL w cheese and bacon , fries and drink = $16 tax in. I think the equivalent at BP is around $14. BUT IMHO it is a wash. More expensive location, better facilities, comfortable and clean with washrooms all has a price. Draw

    So there you go. Basically the result is that if Burger Priest could cook to order as they used to, I am confident that it would be better (not by a huge amount mind you but still win). However, work in location, space, service, comfort I think HC is a good offering and certainly competes. A worthy alternative if you are in that area.

    This has been Dining with LaRue.

  9. Looks good - been craving burgers for some reason lately. You always go to places I never heard of .