Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hillebrand Winery (Niagara-on-the-Lake ~ Pt 4, Dinner)

After a lot of wine tasting here, here and here; we rested at the hotel for a bit before heading over to Hillebrand Winery for our wine pairing dinner. Hillbrand is Peller's sister winery and it's one of the most popular Wine Paring destination, 2nd to none other than Peller (^_^)

Very simple decor but I like the one at Peller Estate much more due to the more modern and bright open window dinning area whereas the one here is a bit dated... but it doesn't matter when the food pairing is perfect; to me it's perfect when you are serve a certain type of wine that you don't normally like but end up liking it pair with the dish =D

 The bread was fresh and delicious, we ask for seconds =P

It's been a while and I frankly don't remember the exact name of each dish, so I'm just going to get a quick post. 

 This was served cold, it was sweet, crisp and the freshest you could get and it was top with a cold savory bacon ice cream which was so good  on this hot summer day

 Cute amuse-bouche

 My dad doesn't eat beef, therefore they switch to a fish but it was very similar from the previous fish dish, only this time with skin... but it was there wasn't any special sauce or flavor, just salt and pepper.... so it was like eating same dish twice.

 ♥ my cheese and ♥ how they pair it with a berry sherbet instead of the usual dry/fresh fruits

Verdict :
Great wine pairing with very single dish =D
But the food was just ok, nothing spectacular although the service was excellent.
Very reasonable price at around $100 per person including wine pairing

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