Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Southbrook Vineyards (Niagara-on-the-Lake ~ Pt 1)

I'm going to Niagara-on-the-Lake for Taste the Season (a wine and food pairing pass for 26 wineries) this weekend and it reminded me that I haven't posted my weekend trip to the wine country when my dad came from Hong Kong back in June and it happens that I got a Dealicious coupon for a wine tour / tasting/ lunch deal for Southbrook Vineyards.

First we were given a tour....
Southbrook is the first wine estate in Canada to earn both organic and biodynamic certification for it's vineyard and winery. Their building design and construction embraced many green initiatives covering from water management, energy conservation, sustainable material and resources and indoor air quality.

Recycling the collected rain water, the rocks act as a filter system and it also help to cool down the building in summer time.

Some of their wine display which is sort of their history in display

 They first started as a fruit farm and made fruit wine with the extras.....

Our Lunch : 2 pizza + 3 wine for 4

Yummy =D

And more wine tasting since we can't leave without getting ourselves a few bottles =P

Southbrook is probably my fave Niagara Winery with their great wine selection and def my all time fave tasting area... it's just so open, simple and bright ♥. 
It's much more modern than all the other wineries of the area.

Verdict :
My favorite Winery no question
Love their wine, concept and service =D

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  1. Omgosh the pizzas look soo good and lots of toppings~ The place seems very relaxed and comfortable :)